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Regional Outlook: TCU is in!

For the third straight year, postseason baseball comes to Fort Worth...

Melissa the God

There came a point where TCU was going to have to decide whether they were going to let Texas bully them again and lose all Regional hopes; instead, they played like they had over the last 10 games and crushed the Longhorns 8-2. Not only was Luken Baker again fantastic, but the absolute resilience of the team was demonstrated by the TCU pitching able to withstand big leadoff hits and deny the Longhorns any dividends on them.

The Horned Frogs, after nearly blowing an 8-0 lead in what would've been a collapse for the ages against West Virginia Sunday afternoon for the Big 12 Title, started their typical postseason magic early and fought back for 11-10 win. Now, for the third straight year, postseason baseball will come to Fort Worth. It'll be hard to top the heart attack-inducing Regional classics like Sam Houston State or North Carolina State, but if I know anything about this and this program; these games won't be boring.

TCU will find out the details tomorrow. They're the third Texas team along with Texas Tech and Texas A&M--who are both likely going to be National seeds--to host a Regional opener.

See y'all in Fort Worth.