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Skoug explains Schloss' apple habit

When Jim Schlossnagle pulls out an apple, it's serious business.

Melissa Triebwasser

Jim Schlossnagle's dugout snack of choice, an apple, is practically the equivalent of Gary Patterson's black-to-purple t-shirt change at the Alamo Bowl. It doesn't always work, but as Evan Skoug points out in TCU Magazine, the apple isn't much of a "good luck" charm. It's just part of Schloss's routine.

And it's not just apples.

"He always eats the same fruits in the same innings of every game," Skoug told TCU Magazine. "Right before game time, he comes in and before he talks to us, he peels a banana as he walks in. And then he says 'Here we go, let's go.' And then in like, I don't know, some odd numbered inning, he'll come back out with an apple. And he'll sit against that post [in the dugout] eating that apple. Every game."

Jim Schlossnagle...a true Fruit Ninja.