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Dave Winfield Talks College World Series, Capital One Cup

Melissa had a chance to sit down with the MLB Hall of Famer and CWS Legend to talk all things TCU, College Baseball, Community Service, and Luken Baker.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

It's not every day that you get to talk to verifiable baseball royalty. And it doesn't get much more royal than Minnesota Gopher/Minnesota Twin/San Diego Padre/New York Yankee/Toronto Bluejay legend Dave Winfield. One of a small number of collegiate players to be recognized as tournament MVP despite his team not winning a title, Winfield made his mark in Omaha as a slugger and pitcher before going on to have a prolific major league career. His World Series winning double against the Braves was one of my earliest indelible sports memories, so it was truly an honor to interview him.

Winfield, who has actually followed the Frogs from a distance over the course of the last several years - and even took his son to Pasadena to watch them in the Rose Bowl - had a lot to say about college baseball as a whole and the amazing opportunity he has had to give back through his involvement with the Capital One Cup. If you want to learn more about the organization, or simply keep up with TCU's standings in it, check them out at or give them a follow on twitter @CapitalOne.

Listen here!