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Micah Ahern's Day in Omaha

The Frogs needed a hero in order to pull off their first two-game win streak in Omaha. Micah Ahern answered the call.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The day before TCU's second game in the College World Series was a struggle for Micah Ahern. His mother Linda sent out a tweet and Instagram post calling for prayer, as Micah had been experiencing a lot of pain in his spine.

But Micah didn't let the pain keep him from heading to Omaha to see "his guys" play.

When he got there, he received nothing short of a hero's welcome.

He even got a purple cape to complete the look for his world-saving duties.

Micah hung out with the team and even signed Evan Skoug's arm band.

Whatever Micah did with that signature, it somehow helped Skoug catch two Coastal Carolina players stealing.

And throughout the rest of the game, everything just seemed to go in the Frogs' favor. TCU won 6-1 as Micah looked on.

He and Jim Schlossnagle shared an embrace after the game.

Nope, still not giving up.