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Former Baylor WR Devin Duvernay Picks Texas over TCU

Student Sports

The No. 3 wide receiver in the 2016 class has made his final decision, it would appear, as Devin Duvernay selected the Longhorns over the Frogs on Wednesday morning.

Duvernay had just visited TCU over the weekend, after having visited Austin the prior weekend.

Originally a Baylor commit, Duvernay chose to opt out of his NLI once news broke that former Baylor head coach Art Briles had been fired. Lucky for Duvernay, he didn’t have much work to do, as Baylor had never submitted his signed NLI to the conference, meaning that he was not bonded to the school. Because this was the case, Duvernay was free to immediately sign with another university. He took a few weeks to scope out his options before finally landing with Texas.

The Frogs were hoping to add the immediate impact player to their already deep wide receiving core, but instead, the TCU secondary will have to contain him for the next few seasons.

There’s no doubt that Duvernay will make an immediate impact in the new Texas offense, but the question remains: Who will throw him the ball?