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TCU baseball players who look like Disney princes

Frog princes? Well, of course!

Melissa Triebwasser

TCU will no doubt miss #LuptonMagic when they head out to College Station to play Texas A&M at this weekend's Super Regional. But it's okay. The Frogs still have the talent, heart, determination...and also a few guys that share uncanny resemblances to Disney characters. Now tell me that's not magical.

So Elliott, Luken, Mike -- these are your next Halloween costume ideas, guys. Take note:

Elliott Barzilli - Flynn Rider

Photo by Melissa Triebwasser

With the hair and the goatee, Barzilli definitely has a Flynn Rider thing going on. Now all we need to see is a smolder.

(Let it be known that Tangled is at the bottom of my favorite Disney princess movies. As in the very bottom.)

Luken Baker - Kristoff

Photo by Melissa Triebwasser

Baker has everything a good Kristoff from Frozen needs to be -- tall, athletic build, strong jawline. He has the "unmanly blondeness," too, but everyone's a bit of a fixer upper, right?

Michael Landestoy - Prince Naveen

Photo from

Landestoy has the honor of being the Frog Prince himself, Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog. Landestoy can totally pull off Naveen's suave and swagger. He's already got the dance moves down. All he needs to do is play ukulele.

(Spoiler alert for the video below! If you haven't seen the movie, I advise you not to watch. Or you can also just watch it if you don't care.)