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TCU News: Frogs Rally Around Micah Ahern

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TCU Baseball Team Rallies Around Boy Battling Cancer | CBS DFW

First and foremost, our collective FOW heart goes out to the Ahern family during this incredibly difficult time. The way this team has built a relationship with the Aherns is honorable, and should be commended. It's not lost on these kids that baseball is just a game, and that there's much more in this world. They also recognize how much love Micah has for them and for the game, though, and they're using that as motivation.

“I think it encourages us to play harder. I think it encourages us to embrace the moment, understanding there is way more than baseball,” explained TCU pitcher Mitchell Traver.

TCU baseball team has mind on young cancer patient | Fort Worth Star Telegram

The mindset that Micah has had while battling cancer has been taken on by the TCU baseball team.

“It’s tough. He truly is a big part of us,” Schlossnagle said. “His motto is never, ever give up, so we’re not going to do that, regardless of what the prognosis is. He truly is a part of everything we do, whether he’s here or not, and that won’t change. Ever. But it’s been tough. I wish we could see him.”

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TCU baseball not fazed by underdog status against Texas A&M | Fort Worth Star Telegram

It's going to be an uphill battle for the Frogs this weekend, but it's certainly not going to be impossible.

The Aggies hit for a higher average, have more home runs, a lower ERA, more saves and a better fielding percentage. They’re a national seed, have more wins and fewer losses. They won the postseason tournament in a better-ranked conference by RPI and are playing at home.

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Interview: Kelsey Patterson, Wife of TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson | Heartland College Sports

This is a pretty cool interview with Mrs. Patterson. Give it a watch.

A great conversation with Kelsey Patterson, the wife of TCU head football coach Gary Patterson. We discussed topics such as the hectic life that is being the wife of a college football coach, the details and good work done by The Gary Patterson Foundation, along with Kelsey’s passion for animal rescue. Plus, how has her husband changed over their 12+ years of marriage? All in all, a fascinating discussing with a very sharp person.

Illinois Football cancels Houston satellite camp | The Champagne Room

Instead, the Illini will send a few coaches, including new head coach Lovie Smith,  to TCU's camp on June 9th.

Partnering up with TCU is a great decision by Illinois. NBC has previously reported that coaches from Alabama and Southern Cal will be in attendance, so there's going to be a huge amount of talent on hand.