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Blog likens SuperFrog to Bulbasaur

Mark this in your Pokedex.

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Olivia Harris/Getty Images

Now that Pokemon Go has successfully knocked off Angry Birds and Candy Crush as the new mobile game craze, articles like this one are popping up on the internet because that's what's totally cool right now.

A blog on the study help website OneClass (because Pokemon obviously helps with studying) likened 21 college mascots to Pokemon.

SuperFrog was the ever-elusive Bulbasaur (which I personally own, by the way). There's no explanation why, but it could just have to do with their shape, similar facial expression and the way they're sitting.

Here's the Bulbasaur I caught a while back and the Horned Frog logo from one of my t-shirts (don't know why that sounds so lame but see the photo below). Thoughts?

This isn't the first time TCU has been compared to a Pokemon. Back in February, our SB Nation fam made TCU a Kabutops.