The new expanded BIG XIV should not have divisions

A while back, Jason Kirk and Bill Connelly wrote this post on why 14 team conferences should scrap divisions and replace them with their scheduling arrangement. They used the SEC as an example but it would work with an expanded BIG XIV as well.

I very much like this idea and decided to create my own table of permanent rivalries. I'm making the assumption that the BIG XII with 10 teams will expand by four to create a new BIG XIV. I'm also assuming they're trying to expand their geographic foot print due to their ACC network envy. That means I'm excluding University of Houston for this exercise. The thought experiment will work just as well with any 4 teams chosen, but I went with 2 city schools in the East, Cincinnati and Memphis, and 2 replacements for old departed friends, BYU and CSU.

Each School would have 3 permanent rivals and 10 non-permanent rivals. Those 10 would play every other year so 5 non-permanent rival games plus 3 permanent rival games equals an 8 game conference schedule. Conference championship game would be the top 2 teams as ranked by the playoff committee. Let me know what you think.

Permanent opponents
Texas Oklahoma Baylor Texas Tech
Texas Tech Texas Baylor TCU
Oklahoma Texas Oklahoma State Colorado State
Oklahoma State Kansas State Oklahoma Colorado State
Kansas Kansas State Iowa State Memphis
Kansas State Kansas BYU Oklahoma State
Baylor Texas Tech TCU Texas
TCU BYU Baylor Texas Tech
West Virginia Iowa State Cincinatti Memphis
Iowa State West Virginia Cincinatti Kansas
BYU TCU Colorado State Kansas State
Cincinatti West Virginia Iowa State Memphis
Colorado State Oklahoma BYU Oklahoma State
Memphis West Virginia Cincinatti Kansas

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