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TCU News: Heat Getting To The Frogs


TCU ‘kind of blah’ in scrimmage, not handling heat, Patterson says | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Patterson spoke about an offense that was “not very good,” right now, and a team that couldn’t fight through how hot is has been this week. He probably has legitimate frustrations with this team right now, but it’s also an August tradition for Patterson to not be satisfied with how his squad is performing in practice.

“We’re not very good on offense, and we don’t know how to fight through the heat,” he said. “It’s the first team I’ve had in 10 years that doesn’t know how to do that. We’ve had some kids banged up, but the bottom line is, we’re not very good right now. Either side of the ball.”

TCU linebacker Howard not practicing following hospital stay | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Travin Howard is home recovering after having to go to the hospital for an undisclosed reason. Patterson expects him to return to practice in a few weeks.

TCU linebacker Travin Howard missed the first week of practice because of an “emergency-type” medical issue, but is home now and expected back at school next week, coach Gary Patterson said after practice Thursday.

TCU’s Ty Slanina aims for impact in crowded wide receiver group | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Slanina understands just how deep the Frogs are at wide receiver. He also understands how that is going to be an incredible strength.

“That’s all right. We’ve got so much depth that we can roll in and roll out,” Slanina said. “We know it’s going to help us be a better team. The defense doesn’t really sub in that much, but we have the ability to bring in three or four guys at each spot and stay healthy, stay fresh the entire game — always stay fast. We’re excited. We know how much this depth is going to help us this year.”

Big 12 Expansion

We know 14 of the 17 expansion candidates the Big 12 will meet with. Let’s guess the others! | SB Nation

ESPN’s Brett McMurphy reported that the Big 12 will meet with 17 teams to discuss expansion. The list of known schools McMurphy notes are: Cincinnati, Houston, BYU, South Florida, Central Florida, Connecticut, Memphis, Colorado State, Temple, East Carolina, SMU, New Mexico, Tulane, and Boise State.

In his report, McMurphy only names 14 of the 17 schools the league will interview, so feel free to take your own stab at the identities of the other three. Who’ve you got?

Just thinking aloud, San Diego State, Fresno State, NIU and Air Force all seem like places that might want in on this party. Maybe another Texan school, like Texas State? I think I know how Bill Snyder’s voting, at least.

BYU amongst 17 teams the Big 12 will talk expansion with | Vanquish the Foe

BYU finds itself a part of the conversations for Big 12 entry.

It’s still possible BYU ends up getting a Big 12 invite. After all, they still boast the biggest fanbase, some of the best facilities, the most consistent, high-level football, and the best football history. Plus, it’s not like BYU’s honor code or institutional differences were big secrets before recent news stories.

Big 12’s LGBT issue not just BYU | Outsports

This piece does a good job identifying the complexity of the issue, as well as pointing to a variety of schools who struggle with protecting LGBT students.

As the Big 12 searches for the right expansion model, a number of schools are bidding to join the conference. Three of them bring with them some LGBT-discrimination baggage to the Big 12. If either BYU, the Univ. of Houston or the Univ. of Memphis is welcomed into the conference, the Big 12 will have ignored some glaring issues that LGBT people at each of these three schools face.