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TCU News: Frogs keep proving they were a good choice for Big 12


TCU proving it was a good choice for maybe-expanding Big 12 | FOX Sports

Patterson points to a mindset that other universities may do well to remember.

''It's not the conference's job to make that university better,'' Patterson said. ''It's the university's job to make the conference better, whether it's in football, academics or whatever it is.''

Former Frogs

Trevone Boykin ready for most meaningful Seahawks audition | ESPN Seattle

Boykin has a chance to solidify himself as th eNo. 2 guy behind Russell Wilson. He doesn’t need to blow people away, he just needs to be steady and efficient.

Seattle doesn’t need Boykin to be spectacular on Saturday. In fact, it might be more important that he’s solid because the Seahawks aren’t looking for a backup quarterback who will jump-start the team. They want a guy who can function like a life preserver and keep everything afloat. Whether or not Boykin can maximize this opportunity will come down to his ability to minimize mistakes starting with Saturday’s preseason audition.

Big 12 Expansion

Big 12 job fair reaches embarrassing stage | Daily Oklahoman

I’m not really sure what the Big 12 is doing anymore. Since this report, ESPN has reported that an 18th team has entered the mix.

The Big 12 job fair is another blight on the league. Other conferences, when confronted with the need for expansion or replacement schools, identify the best candidate, negotiate in secret and make a deal. Heck, that's what the Big 12 did back in 2011 with TCU and West Virginia.

But the Big 12 has lost all shame. So it's taking applications. And has received so many it's hard to figure out who.