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Here's Mike Landestoy singing 'Uptown Funk' a capella with friends

Say whaaat!

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Of course Michael Landestoy will do a cover of Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk.

Of course he'll get some friends together to sing it a capella.

And of course he'll do it in the outfit.

Why? Because he's Mike Landestoy, that's why.

So here it is -- the perfect thing to help you wade out the TCU baseball offseason.

You know I like to get down to some Bruno Mars. Missing the besties though! #throwback #2/5 @lindarushiti @morganspence

A video posted by Michael Landestoy (@michaellandestoy17) on

One of his friends in the video, Morgan Spencer, commented, "Still wondering why we aren't famous after this?"