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Frogs in the Pros Update: Brandon Finnegan

Brandon Finnegan demonstrates Superhero Micah's #NEGU attitude in every game he plays.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

I decided to try something different for Frogs in the Pros this week.  Instead of trying to throw all of the stats for every player at you all at once, I'm going to choose one or two players each week to give an update on.  We'll update the last month or so of their games and show you some of the social media hype surrounding them, too.  Hopefully this makes things easier to read and keep up with.

On that note, our Frog Family lost one of its littlest Frogs and biggest fans last week: Micah.  I don't even have to say his last name, because every Frog knows who Superhero Micah is.  And we all know that one of his favorite players is Brandon Finnegan.  So this week, in honor of Micah and Finny's friendship, here is your FITP Update on one of our favorite pitchers...

The Reds are still struggling this year and last we looked at Finnegan was back in June, when he had just two wins on the season.  Since then, things have taken an upward turn for him.

On June 14, Finnegan pitched in Atlanta against the Braves.  In six innings, he allowed just one run on four hits.  He struck out five and walked three.  The Reds won 3-1, which was Finnegan's fourth win of the season.

The highlight of the whole game, though, was when he tried to pick off a runner and epically slipped and fell.  Even Superhero Micah was baffled...

The next battle for Finnegan was on Father's Day (June 19) against the Astros.  Unfortunately, he gave up four runs on five hits in five innings, including a homerun.  He walked three and only struck out one.  The Reds lost 6-0.

On June 25, the Reds were home against the Padres.  Finnegan got off to a rocky...and painful...start:

Over 6 2/3 innings, he allowed three runs on five hits, including a homerun.  He walked three and struck out eight.  The Reds lost 3-0.

June 30 saw the Reds on the road against the Nationals.  It was not a pretty game for Finny.  In just 2 1/3 innings, he allowed eight runs on just five hits, including a homerun and a grand slam.  Ouch. He walked five and struck out two.  Mind you, the rest of his team didn't exactly rise to glory after his departure.  The Reds went on to lose 13-4.

I'm pretty sure Finnegan was glad to kiss June goodbye, as the Reds headed into July.  On July 5, he led the Reds against the Cubs.  After a 3-up-3-down 1st inning, Finnegan bunted into a fielder's choice to first in the 2nd.  Zack Cozart brought him in on a homerun to make the score 4-0.  In five innings, Finnegan allowed five runs on four hits, including a whopping FOUR HOMERUNS, yet the Reds still managed to pull off two homeruns of their own to win 9-5.  Finnegan also posted four walks and four strikeouts in the game.

On July 18, the Reds saw the Braves back in Cincinnati.  Finnegan pitched a solid five innings, allowing two runs on seven hits, including a homerun by Adonis Garcia to start the 6th.  He walked one and struck out five, and the Reds celebrated an 8-2 victory.

On July 24, the Reds played the Diamondbacks, and Finnegan allowed six runs on seven hits over five innings, including three homeruns.  He walked two and struck out three.  The Reds lost 9-8.

Finally, on July 29, just one day after Superhero Micah gained his angel wings, Finnegan had an outstanding game against the Padres.  He kept the Padres scoreless on four hits, while walking three and striking out five.  And not a homerun to be seen.  The Reds closed out July with a 6-0 win, in what was surely an emotional game for Finnegan.

As if we didn't have enough proof that Finnegan's #1 fan is always with him now, the Reds faced the Cardinals on August 4.  Over six innings, Finnegan allowed just two hits and no runs.  He didn't walk a single batter, and he struck out four.  Bravo, Finnegan.  The Reds won 7-0.

Brandon Finnegan and Superhero Micah had a wonderful relationship that started at TCU and carried into the pros.  Now Finnegan has his very own angel on the mound with him, cheering from the best seat in the house (and probably giving a few pointers, too).  Micah will never be forgotten by the Frog family, and his #NEGU spirit continues to shine through everyone that knows his story.

Finnegan currently has a 4.45 ERA and a 1.37 WHIP.  He's gone from 1-4 at the end of a winless May to 7-8 after last night's game.  You can see his full stats here.