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Arkansas Razorbacks @ TCU Horned Frogs Gamethread

Once a yearly rival in the SWC, now a late season spoiler in the SEC. Games don't get much bigger in terms of history or in impact in the present than Arkansas' return to Fort Worth after a 25 year absence.

Are you amped?
Are you amped?
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It used to be a signal of the changing season. For 60 straight years, TCU and Arkansas met the first Saturday in October, and in all 60 of them it was the start of the Southwest conference play for at least one of the teams, and generally both. Anytime either team was going to have a big season, the other was the first to know about it. Both TCU's and Arkansas' national championship seasons started with a conference opener against the other, and it was fun that way. It was tradition. And then... it was over. While there are many other more heated rivalries that have gone by the wayside due to conference realignment, the first sign that college football was changing in a big way was on October 3, 1992, when on October's first Saturday TCU and Arkansas played other teams, and we haven't seen them since.

Until today. Today, for the first time since 1991, "Woo Pig Sooie" will be answered with a "Riff-Ram Bah-Zoo". Two of college footballs most unique chants will ring through Amon Carter Stadium to mingle with the echos of those from 1930, when Arkansas was TCU's opponent in the first ever conference game at the original Amon Carter. Still, many of the details aren't right: both teams have already played a game, we no longer share a conference and October is still a month away, but it's a bit of a return to the roots of both programs. In a world where Texas spends every Thanksgiving at home, Kansas won't answer Missouri's calls and the Big Ten has 14 members, it's nice to have something old made new once again. Welcome back to Fort Worth, Arkansas. May your first visit to Amon Carter as members of the Southeastern Conference end the same as your first visit to Amon Carter as members of the Southwest Conference: a 40-0 TCU win.

This is your gamethread to discuss, analyze and chat along during the game, let's have a blast!

Go Frogs.