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Frogs O’ War Radio: Interview with Robert Henson

If you missed the show on Sunday night, here’s a replay.

Washington Redskins 2009 Headshots

Jamie and Melissa were joined by former TCU linebacker Robert Henson on Sunday night’s radio show. It was a great opportunity to hear about the 2016 TCU defense from a former stud Frog, as well as to catch up on what Robert is doing these days.

The three chatted about the Arkansas loss, about what the defense needs to do to improve, Robert’s thoughts on the mentality of college football athletes today, what he thinks about the Big 12, and some great (seriously awesome) stories about coach Patterson.

Henson also sheds some light on Josh Doctson’s situation up in Washington D.C., where Henson hosts a Redskins-centric radio show on ESPN.

Give it a listen.