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Random TCU Fact of the Week: TCU’s winless seasons

Yes, they happened.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

TCU is 1-1 and it’s the end of the world!!!

...or so felt some Frog fans after the loss to Arkansas. It’s one loss. No big deal. But for some fans, it is a big deal — mainly because in recent years, TCU has become somewhat accustomed to winning, or at least being undefeated for a good chunk of the season.

Unbeknownst to some, the Frogs have had seasons in which they didn’t win a single game. Fun Fact:

Here’s how it all played out.

1899 (0-0-1)

TCU didn’t really win or lose at all in 1899, just finished with an odd 0-0 tie against...guess who...Baylor.

1902 (0-5-1)

In 1902, TCU lost five games and tied one. The tie game was against...well, whataya know...Baylor!

1903 (0-7)

No ties here, only losses. And yes, TCU lost to Baylor this time around, 0-14.

1976 (0-11)

TCU’s last winless season was 40 years ago, during the Frogs’ rough run through the 1970s. Some of those losses were against teams like SMU, Arkansas, Texas and...yes...Baylor.

So anyway, don’t worry about being 1-1. It could be worse.

Source: TCU Football 2016 Media Guide