What really went wrong in the Arkansas game

I must admit I left the TCU Arkansas game furious. I don't think I said a word to wife the rest of the night. We did not stop my our Son's dorm after the game. For past several days I have been reading about the mistakes that team made and how bad the defense is playing. No one is talking who is really responsible for this loss. The coach.

The only way TCU loses this game is to give Arkansas the ball back. (which they did). With 2:10 TCU called time out. It was 2nd down and 5 from the 9 yard line and Arkansas had only 1 time out. The coaches should have said 3 things to the team during the time out. 1. Don't go out of bounds. 2. Get the first down. 3. Do not score ( fall down) in bounds. When Kenny Kill ran the ball and crossed the 4 yard line it was game over, unless he scores ( and we know he did and also got a penalty).

If he falls down past the 4 yard line, it is first down with 2:05 remaining in the game. The referee would have stopped the clock momentarily to set the chains and play clock would have reset to 25 seconds. Arkansas would not have used their time out to save 25 seconds they would have waited for second down and saved 40 seconds. Here is how it should haved played out .

First down inside the 4 yard line 2:05 on the clock. Run the clock down to 1:40 and run a play (do not score). Time out Arkansas with 1:37 to go.

Second down run a play (do not score). Arkansas can not stop the clock. Clock runs down to 54 seconds to play.

Third down. Run a play (do not score). Arkansas can not stop the clock. Clock runs down to 10 seconds to play.

4th Down. Call time out. You have options. Run another play ( now it is ok to score) or kick a field goal. Either way.

Game over TCU 21 Arkansas 20

Worse case scenario - you give the ball back to Arkansas with 10 seconds to play on their 10 yard line.

By the way, the defense would have give up only 295 yards and 13 points ( the offense gave up 7 points). We would have been praising them instead of destroying them.

This is a young team and they have a lot to learn. They will only get better.

So when coach P is talking about the team not crying enough after a loss, he should have cried for all of them because this one is on him and his staff.

For disclosure purposes. I am a 5 year season ticket holder at TCU. My son is now in graduate school at TCU. Going to TCU games is a family event for us.

Go Frogs

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