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The Faber Family Returns to Texas

Abby Faber, our adopted #FrogFam member, will be in town for this weekend’s game between her two favorite football teams.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It was a simple moment that led to an iconic image.

All Trevone Boykin did was lean down and ask Abby Faber her name, but in the instant that Fort Worth Star-Telegram photographer Paul Moseley clicked his shutter, several lives were changed.

For all the talk of how his season ended, it was a few seconds pregame in Ames that truly defined who Trevone Boykin is to the Frog Family, a young man who recognized the importance of a young fan dealing with more than anyone should have to at an age where she should be carefree, and took the time to let her know she mattered. A year later, Abby Faber, and her family, have been woven into the comfort of the TCU community, and will once again be welcomed to a football game in Fort Worth.

Abby’s mom Jennifer was kind enough to answer a few questions and update us on how Abby and the rest of the Faber’s are doing, and how they will spend their time here in Texas.

When we last saw Abby, it was October of 2015 when TCU hosted West Virginia. She brought the house down during the Riff Ram video, and spent some time with the team after the Frogs' victory. Can you describe what that day was like, as the culmination of a whirlwind month or so?

Jennifer Faber: The entire trip was amazing and a trip we will never forget! Everyone we met was so nice and made us feel welcome and a part of the frog family right away. It was great to meet Trevone too!

What has been the most surprising thing about the suddenness of Abby's fame?

Jennifer: It was just crazy to watch the photo go viral and then to have such an amazing time at TCU. The way the TCU community has embraced us is incredible.

Can you give us a general update on how your family has been doing? How have you seen your lives change over the past year?

Jennifer: We are doing great. All of the kids, including Abby keep us busy with activities. Abby is doing good and just started the second grade. She is trying therapeutic horse back riding this fall and absolutely loves it. We follow Iowa State and TCU now!

You are in Fort Worth for the game this weekend, what are your plans - and who are you planning to root for ;)?

Jennifer: We decided last year it would be fun to come back for the ISU game and the timing of the game worked out great! We wanted to meet a few people that we weren't able to meet last year. Last night we were able to meet Paul Moseley (the photographer who took the famous photo) and some of the people from Killer Frogs that started the fundraiser page for Abby. We plan to explore Ft. Worth a little more and of course go to the game. We'll be wearing our Iowa State colors, but could never cheer against TCU (we cheer for TCU when they aren't playing ISU). I asked Abby and she said "Can I cheer for both?" So she'll be cheering for both teams.

Do you have any last thoughts you would like to share or anything Abby would like to say?

Jennifer: We would like to tell everyone at TCU thank you for everything and for loving our family! You have truly made us feel like a part of the frog family! It is hard to put into words but TCU is a very special place to us.

Thank you again to the Fabers for the update and we all hope you enjoy the game. We will even forgive you wearing the wrong colors ;)