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Frogs O’ War Staff Picks: Week 3

Hey look we’re still doing this!

Staff Picks

I didn’t have time this week to put the table together, but I’ll get it updated for next week. Here are this week’s picks.

Big 12

No. 21 Baylor @ Rice (Friday)

Jamie Plunkett: Baylor 56, Rice 17 - Baylor got out to a slow start against SMU, but that won’t happen against a hapless Rice squad.

Melissa Triebwasser: Baylor 63, Rice 14: Rice is... not very good. I don't know what Baylor is, but they're better than Rice.

Travis Kennedy: Baylor 42, Rice 9 - Last week the Bears had a little bit of trouble with the Mustangs, but managed to hold them to mostly field goals. This time Baylor has to travel to Rice, and its more of the same.

Samantha Calimbahin: Baylor 52, Rice 14 - Another toughie on Baylor's schedule. Hehehe. Rice hasn't scored more than 14 points in its last two games, so let's say they keep the streak going and cap it at 14 points again.

Simone Elices: Baylor 45, Rice 7 – Rice rounds out the last of Baylor’s incredibly tough out-of-conference schedule. This should be another tune up game for Baylor before plays Ok. St. next weekend.

Mason Chreene: Baylor 42, Rice 28 - Vaunted Baylor defense struggles in the first half, but wins the game with 2 picks. You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose. But you can't pick your head coach if your academic institution poorly handles student safety. Bears remain perfect, despite the onslaught of competition through september.

Andrew Felts: Baylor 60, Rice 13 – I look forward to three months from now when Jim Grobe boasts about picking up this victory despite playing in front of a hostile Rice crowd.

Chris Conaty: Baylor 56, Rice 13 – Baylor finishes their stellar non-conference schedule unscathed.

Deanna Rust: Baylor 45, Rice 17 – Poor Rice will fall victim to yet another Baylor non-conference game.

Scott Boase: Baylor 45, Rice 10

Kansas @ Memphis

Jamie Plunkett: Memphis 42, Kansas 17 - Kansas is still Kansas, and Memphis still has enough talent to beat them badly.

Melissa Triebwasser: Memphis 24, Kansas 14: Winner gets to stay/join the Big 12! I don't know if that's a good thing.

Travis Kennedy: Memphis 31, Kansas 21 - There is no reason to have any faith in Kansas.

Samantha Calimbahin: Memphis 35, Kansas 21 - This does not rock.

Simone Elices: Memphis 35, Kansas 10 – Although this will probably be Kansas’ last chance in a while to get a win, I just can’t see it happening.

Mason Chreene: Memphis 45, Kansas 27 - I know the Man, the Myth, the Legend: Lord Justin Fuente is no longer at Memphis, but Viva La Fuente 2K16 is still a thing. Memphis takes down the toughest foe in the Big 12, all the while putting more pressure on the conference to let them in.

Andrew Felts: Memphis 35, Kansas 17 – The Jayhawks haven’t won a road game since September 12, 2009… Why start now?

Chris Conaty: Memphis 34, Kansas 9 – Kansas gonna Kansas.

Deanna Rust: Memphis 35, Kansas 24 – I think Kansas deserves a little more credit going into this game. They average more points than Memphis and have a lot of potential. Home field advantage may be a big part of Memphis’ victory this week, but I don’t know that I agree with a 20 point spread. Call me a sucker, but I think the Jayhawks have more potential than we realize.

Scott Boase: Memphis 42, Kansas 18

Kansas State vs. Florida Atlantic

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas State 38, Florida Atlantic 21 - This is one of those games where you just look at the final box score and don’t bother with the actual game.

Melissa Triebwasser: Kansas State 27, Florida Atlantic 20: When we last saw the Wildcats (which feels like a season ago), they were either shutting down a potential Heisman winner - or allowing him to torch them. There was no in between. The Cats looked pretty good against Stanford, and shouldn't have any problems against FAU. How they'll do in Big 12 play remains to be seen.

Travis Kennedy: Kansas State 38, Florida Atlantic 17 - The Wildcats held Stanford to less than 30 points, and Florida Atlantic does not have Christian McCaffrey.

Samantha Calimbahin: Kansas State 38, Florida Atlantic 28 - Kansas State has had some time to reset its mojo after losing to a solid Stanford team. This game is much more manageable, and the Wildcats win it with 10 points ahead.

Simone Elices: Kansas State 38, Florida Atlantic 14 – Florida Atlantic is bad. Kansas State is decent. Nothing to see here.

Mason Chreene: Kansas State 31, Florida Atlantic 17 - "Big Game Bill" runs away with this one. FLAME ON!!!

Andrew Felts: Kansas State 31, Florida Atlantic 13 – The Wildcats return from their week off to trounce an undermanned FAU team.

Chris Conaty: Kansas State 30, Florida Atlantic 6 – The Owls got rocked by Miami last weekend 38-10 and with K-State coming off of a bye week, I think they will be prepared and ready to go. They’ll win on a strong defensive showing.

Deanna Rust: Kansas State 31, Florida Atlantic 17 – Kansas State gave themselves a challenging start with games against Arkansas and Stanford. I think they’ll get a win for the home crowd this week.

Scott Boase: Kansas State 27, Florida Atlantic 20

Oklahoma State vs. Pittsburgh

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma State 42, Pittsburgh 38 - I’m very intrigued by this matchup. If OSU gets off to a good start they could run away with this one, but if Pitt can dictate the tempo with Connors, they may keep it close enough to pull of the victory.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma State 37, Pittsburgh 24: Pitt looked great against Penn State last week, while the Cowboys had their hearts (unfairly) ripped out. It will be interesting to see how OSU responds, and if this were a road game, I would probably lean Panthers. But, I think Gundy gets his boys ready to play, and despite the fact they haven't looked great to start the season, they get a Power Five win in week three.

Travis Kennedy: Oklahoma State 38, Pittsburgh 28 - Man, OSU really took one on the chin last week. I don't know if they'll ultimately rebound from that loss or fold, take their ball, and go home. Pitt didn't look bad in their win over Penn State, but this will be their first real test of the season. Go OSU and Big 12.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma State 45, Pittsburgh 28 - No Hail Marys. No weird downs. Oklahoma State comes into this game with a lot of emotion and comes out with a good clean win over Pitt.

Simone Elices: Oklahoma State 52, Pittsburgh 17 – Oklahoma Sate was absolutely robbed of a win last week, I fully expect them to come out angry and destroy a decent Pitt team.

Mason Chreene: Pitt 45, Oklahoma State, 42 - The misery index for the Big 12 this week is probably led by the Pokes. I know the TCU loss was the a huge shot to the nards, but giving up a hail mary lateral that should not have counted to end the game...that's rough. I have to give this one to the Panthers though, because James Connor is a man (same level as Gundy) and they have a glorious stable of running backs. Rudolph throws for a lot of yards, but enough to win the game, it will not be.

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma State 31, Pittsburgh 27 – I’m not entirely sure how the Cowboys can top the dramatics from last week, but another nail-biter against a solid opponent might just do the trick.

Chris Conaty: Pittsburgh 35, Oklahoma State 34 – I was really impressed with Pitt last weekend. James Conner is an incredible back and leader and the Panthers’ rushing attack is very strong. It’ll be close, but the Pokes will fall to 1-2 going into Big 12 play.

Deanna Rust: Oklahoma State 38, Pittsburgh 31 – I don’t see Oklahoma State running away with this one, but they’ve got a home crowd and one very pissed off football team after last week’s Loss That Shouldn’t Have Happened. The Cowboys will do whatever it takes this week to show that they deserve a Top 25 spot.

Scott Boase: Oklahoma State 42, Pittsburgh 31

Texas Tech vs. Louisiana Tech

Jamie Plunkett: Texas Tech 49, Louisiana Tech 35 - Tech’s defense is still really bad, you guys. It’s not so bad that they lose to Louisiana Tech though.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas Tech 66, Louisiana Tech 37: Speaking of gut-wrenching losses... Texas Tech couldn't stop a high school JV team from scoring right now, but they shouldn't have any problems out-scoring La Tech. Pat Mahomes is legit, and it's too bad Kliffy and co can't field anything resembling a power conference defense to back him up. I really thought the Red Raiders were primed for a breakout season, but it appears new year, same story.

Travis Kennedy: Texas Tech 56, Louisiana Tech 41 - Tech should be okay to win this one in Lubbock, as long as they don't allow any one player to score eight touchdowns by himself.

Samantha Calimbahin: Texas Tech 54, Louisiana Tech 30 - Tech is back being Tech again and all is right in the world kind of.

Simone Elices: Texas Tech 42, Louisiana Tech 35 – Transitive property says that this LA Tech team is for real since they lost to Arkansas by only 1 and Arkansas looks amazing this year, right guys? (somebody hold me). Tech by a late touchdown regardless.

Mason Chreene: Texas Tech 56, Louisiana Tech 45 - Okay, so it looks like the Tech defense is still very very very very bad. However, the Tech offense is very very very very good. So hopefully the latter will tire out the LA Tech defense. Once again, VIVA LA MAHOMES.

Andrew Felts: Texas Tech 45, Louisiana Tech 35 – First team to record two defensive stops wins.

Chris Conaty: Texas Tech 66, Louisiana Tech 41 – Texas Tech’s defensive struggles will continue. However, Mahomes and the offense will continue to light it up enough to pull off the victory.

Deanna Rust: Texas Tech 60, Louisiana Tech 37 – Tech is one fire this season. Even with a loss against Arizona State last week, they scored 55 points. I don’t see this one being quite the shootout that they had last week, but it should be a solid win for the Red Raiders.

Scott Boase: Texas Tech 63, Louisiana Tech 42

No. 14 Oklahoma vs. No. 3 Ohio State

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma 24, Ohio State 21 - I know that this is a stupid pick, but I’m doing it anyway. Come at me.

Melissa Triebwasser: Ohio State 34, Oklahoma 31: I won't be surprised by a blowout or even an Oklahoma win, but I think the Sooners ultimately have enough talent to keep things close with a Buckeyes team that has dominated two vastly inferior opponents - but not quite enough to push them over the top. Having home field will certainly help, but ultimately the OSU defense limits the run and leaves Baker trying to do it all on his own - which spells disaster yet again.

Travis Kennedy: Oklahoma 31, Ohio State 27 - Blowing it against a less talented Houston team in week 1 and then coming back to beat Ohio State two weeks later is the most Bob Stoops thing ever. Big Game Bob confused the hell out of everyone while also keeping the Big 12's playoff hopes alive.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma 48, Ohio State 40 - Do it for the Big 12, Oklahoma.

Simone Elices: Ohio State 55, Oklahoma 21 – I think OU will keep this game close until the end of the first quarter or even halftime, when Ohio State then realizes that they are the far superior team and runs away with this game.

Mason Chreene: T-H-E Ohio State 38, Oklahoma 35 - This is the game of the week, I think it'll be the best of the week (sorry FSU and Louisville). However, I think that the night is going to get even darker for the Big 12, as the defending conference champ drops another one before conference play. Urban Meyer is one of the best at toppling a big time opponent in a hostile environment. The Buckeyes are able to hold off the Sooners' run game (if they stick with it), and realizing that he is 1-2, Bob Stoops Punts his visor into the sun.

Andrew Felts: Ohio State 34, Oklahoma 28 – In what is the best game of the day in the Big 12, Ohio State squeaks past Oklahoma in a wild back-and-forth affair.

Chris Conaty: Oklahoma 31, Ohio State 27 – Baker and co. get a marquee non-conference win in Norman and thrust themselves back into the Playoff conversation.

Deanna Rust: Oklahoma 35, Ohio State 34 – This game is going to be fun to watch. Oklahoma has the offense, but Baker Mayfield can’t carry the team alone (as Houston proved). Ohio State has to try to limit the Sooners’ offense, which will be tricky, since they have a pretty young defense and haven’t faced a challenge this big yet this season. Oklahoma will squeak this one out if they can vary their offense and stay a step ahead of the Buckeyes’ D.

Scott Boase: Oklahoma 34, Ohio State 31

No. 11 Texas @ California

Jamie Plunkett: Texas 42, California 24 - Texas gets to 3-0 for the first time in forever, and they avenge the ridiculous loss to Cal in 2015.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas 27, California 17: The Texas offense may come back to earth a bit in their first real road test, but the hype train won't stop rolling despite a closer than expected score. Cal is not very good, but eventually, Texas has to slow down, right?

Travis Kennedy: Texas 48, California 38 - Beating Notre Dame in week 1 and then losing this game would be the most Charlie Strong thing ever, but... you know... go Big 12. Also, Texas is just more talented and I doubt Cal is the team that figures out how to stop their new offense first. That will happen during Big 12 play because... you know... it's Baylor's offense.

Samantha Calimbahin: Texas 50, California 35 - 3-0! And the Horns keep climbing up and up the polls.

Simone Elices: Texas 35, California 17 – I guess Texas is just going to keep on winning, aren’t they?

Mason Chreene: Texas 44, California 35 - Gimme all of the points in this one. The Horns defense is suffering a little from jet lag and come out a little sluggish. However, the offense keeps on executing and rolling up the score after falling behind 10-0. The Horns steal all the momentum on a high snap in the endzone, leading to a back breaking safety. Charlie is one step closer to finding his golden ticket (it's a metaphor for keeping his job).

Andrew Felts: Texas 31, California 17 – My heart really, really, really wants to pick this upset but I my brain says that’s a bad idea.

Chris Conaty: California 30, Texas 28 – Davis Webb and this Golden Bears’ offense is talented and I think their defense will be able to do enough to disrupt Texas’ two-QB offense.

Deanna Rust: Texas 40, California 31 – This is such a switch from last season. Texas comes in 2-0, while Cal just lost to San Diego State. Both teams average 45.5 points per game, but I think Texas is on a roll right now and it’s their game to lose on the road.

Scott Boase: Texas 33, California 23

TCU vs. Iowa State

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 49, Iowa State 28 - TCU’s offense carries them, while the defense looks a lot better.

Melissa Triebwasser: TCU 42, ISU 24: I think this will be closer than we would all like in the first half, as half-man, half-machine Allen Lazard hauls in a couple long touchdowns and dominates the undersized secondary. But some second half adjustments and a heavy dose of Kenny Hill magic in the third quarter allow the Frogs to pull away.

Travis Kennedy: TCU 45, Iowa State 27 - TCU wins this week, beating up on an Iowa State team that is experiencing some growing pains under first year coach Matt Campbell. This sounds fun. I'm looking forward to it. What happened last week again? I don't remember. Oh well, we probably won.

Samantha Calimbahin: TCU 42, Iowa State 23 - The Frogs come out to prove they have overcome last week's loss. After both teams play a close first half, TCU eventually pulls away for a big win.

Simone Elices: TCU 42, Iowa State 10 – I wanted to project us to score 45 points, but then I realized that would mean that we would have to kick a field goal. 42 points it is.

Mason Chreene: TCU 42, Iowa State 21 - "Hello darkness my old friend. I've come to talk to you again." I can safely say that I have no idea how to predict the rest of the season now. I've seen TCU come out firing on all cylinders after a tough loss (see 2014) and I've also seen TCU lose 8 games in a single season (see 2013). My purple skewed prediction is that TCU's defense rises up like Harambe on the internet and continues to be a force of nature like it was in its prime. So I'm hoping that TCU makes the Family Weekend game relatively family friendly, and NOT GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK AND A BRAIN ANEURYSM AT THE SAME TIME. Hopefully this one is over with quickly so that we can all go to Joe T Garcia's and enjoy some Margs with the parentals. Here's hoping that TCU fires on all cylinders from here on out.

Andrew Felts: TCU 45, Iowa State 17 – After the last five games, is one really easy blowout win too much to ask for? I think this is the first week that we see TCU put everything together on offense, defense and special teams to claim convincing win. Bring it on, Big 12.

Chris Conaty: TCU 52, Iowa State 16 – The offense has really not given me any concerns through the first two weeks, and I trust in Patterson and the staff to find a way to make the defense stand their ground. Kavontae Turpin will win his third straight Big 12 Special Teams Player of the Week.

Deanna Rust: TCU 41, Iowa State 21 – This game should be all about our offense vs their defense. I think our defense has a little bit of wiggle room this week, but we still can’t go into this game overconfident like we did with SDSU. As long as our offense is on fire and our defense shows up and decides to play football, we’ll win this one. Do it, Frogs.

Scott Boase: TCU 51, Iowa State 17

Around the Country

No. 10 Louisville vs. No. 2 Florida State

Jamie Plunkett: Louisville 49, Florida State 45

Melissa Triebwasser: Louisville 37, Florida State 31

Travis Kennedy: Florida State 38, Louisville 28

Samantha Calimbahin: Louisville 40, Florida State 30

Simone Elices: Louisville 45, Florida State 35

Mason Chreene: Florida State 42, Louisville 38

Andrew Felts: Louisville 31, Florida State 30

Chris Conaty: Florida State 45, Louisville 41

Deanna Rust: Louisville 55, Florida State 52

Scott Boase: Florida State 38, Louisville 33

No. 19 Ole Miss vs. No. 1 Alabama

Jamie Plunkett: Alabama 38, Ole Miss 35

Melissa Triebwasser: Alabama 27, Ole Miss 20: Revenge is a dish best served by Nick Saban.

Travis Kennedy: Alabama 42, Ole Miss 34

Samantha Calimbahin: Alabama 45, Ole Miss 36

Simone Elices: Alabama 66, Ole Miss 10

Mason Chreene: Alabama 48, Ole Miss 35

Andrew Felts: Alabama 28, Ole Miss 20

Chris Conaty: Alabama 34, Ole Miss 16

Deanna Rust: Alabama 45, Ole Miss 34

Scott Boase: Alabama 35, Ole Miss 27

No. 18 Notre Dame vs. No. 12 Michigan State

Jamie Plunkett: Notre Dame 27, Michigan State 17

Melissa Triebwasser: Notre Dame 24, Michigan State 20

Travis Kennedy: Notre Dame 35, Michigan State 31

Samantha Calimbahin: Michigan State 35, Notre Dame 30

Simone Elices: Notre Dame 28, Michigan State 21

Mason Chreene: Notre Dame 38, Michigan State 24

Andrew Felts: Notre Dame 30, Michigan State 24

Chris Conaty: Michigan State 31, Notre Dame 24

Deanna Rust: Notre Dame 44, Michigan State 24

Scott Boase: Michigan State 28, Notre Dame 27

No. 7 Stanford vs. USC

Jamie Plunkett: Stanford 42, USC 27

Melissa Triebwasser: Stanford 42, USC 34

Travis Kennedy: Stanford 28, USC 17

Samantha Calimbahin: Stanford 30, USC 23

Simone Elices: Stanford 42, USC 28

Mason Chreene: Stanford 31, USC 23

Andrew Felts: Stanford 35, USC 24

Chris Conaty: Stanford 28, USC 20

Deanna Rust: Stanford 35, USC 27

Scott Boase: Stanford 41, USC 38

Nebraska vs. No. 22 Oregon

Jamie Plunkett: Oregon 35, Nebraska 27

Melissa Triebwasser: Oregon 31, Nebraska 21

Travis Kennedy: Oregon 41, Nebraska 27

Samantha Calimbahin: Oregon 44, Nebraska 31

Simone Elices: Oregon 45, Nebraska 10

Mason Chreene: Oregon 42, Nebraska 27

Andrew Felts: Nebraska 31, Oregon 28

Chris Conaty: Oregon 42, Nebraska 23

Deanna Rust: Nebraska 38, Oregon 35

Scott Boase: Oregon 33, Nebraska 26