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2016 Frogs O’ War Staff Picks: Week 1

Staff Picks

The staff picks are back! Last season Felts dominated the field from start to finish and ran away with the overall win. Can someone unseat the king this season?

Big 12

No. 23 Baylor vs. Northwestern State (Friday)

Jamie Plunkett: Baylor 49, Northwestern State 14 - Baylor is down. Way, way down. But they’re not out. They have talent, especially on offense, and this is still a game against Northwestern State. They don’t run up the score like Briles would, but they still win convincingly like they should.

Melissa Triebwasser: Baylor 38, Northwestern State 17 - I have nothing good to say about this team at this time, but I do think they win game one.

Marshall Weber: Baylor 70, Northwestern State 14 - No comment.

Travis Kennedy: Baylor 49, Northwestern State 14 - Baylor comes out of the gate strong, showing that they are still very FCS teams. Kendal Briles' instinct is to pile it on in the second half, but Jim Grobe prevents his team from running up the score too much.

Scott Boase: Baylor 48, Northwestern State 13 - Would prefer to pick against the Bears. Meh. There’s a good chance that whoever scores the most points here wins the game.

Deanna Rust: Baylor 45, Northwestern State 21 – An easy win for Baylor’s first game with a new(ish) coaching staff.

Samantha Calimbahin: Baylor 27, Northwestern State 17 - Baylor is still good...but not as good. The team has been rocked by circumstance and plays like it, but the win gives the Bears some confidence and a little comfort in new coach Jim Grobe.

Simone Elices: Baylor 45, Northwestern State 17 - While Baylor certainly had one of the worst off-seasons in recent memory, they still bring back a lot of offensive firepower from last year. They should roll over Northwestern State pretty easily.

Mason Chreene: Baylor 69, Northwestern State 24 - In a shocking turn of events I don't really care much about this game...however this will begin one of the more interesting seasons in Baylor football history. Per usual Baylor will show off it's solid offense, and a lackadaisical defense...what's that you say? It's Baylor vs. a cupcake opponent? Baylor by at least 35.

Andrew Felts: Baylor 48, Northwestern State 10 – The not-Art Briles era begins with a blowout win over an FCS opponent. Maybe not much has changed after all?

Chris Conaty: Baylor 56, Northwestern State 6 – I don’t think Baylor will be nearly as good as they have been in recent years, but I expect them to roll their way through another easy non-conference schedule beginning with a massive win over the Demons. It’ll be interesting to see how Seth Russell plays in his first game back.

Kansas State @ No. 8 Stanford (Friday)

Jamie Plunkett: Stanford 42, Kansas State 21 - I don’t think Kansas State has a fun time in California. Christian McCaffrey goes off for 150 yards and three rushing TDs in his first opportunity to impress the Heisman Trust.

Melissa Triebwasser: Stanford 37, Kansas State 24 - New QB? No problem for the Cardinal, who have the nation's most complete player to run and catch from whoever is taking snaps.

Marshall Weber: Stanford 34, Kansas State 20

Travis Kennedy: Stanford 40, Kansas State 27 - Stanford has the talent to rock the Pac-12 again this year, but the Wizard has some tricks up his sleeve coming into this one. Things stay close at the half, but Stanford blows things open late in the game and open with a win in front of their home fans.

Scott Boase: Stanford 35, Kansas State 27- I think Kansas State may find a way to make this a close game, but Stanford just has too much talent and another great coach opposite Bill Snyder in David Shaw. Not to mention one of the best players in the country in McCaffrey.

Deanna Rust: Stanford 31, Kansas State 14 – Kansas State will have a big first half or a big second half. But Stanford will be strong the entire game and take the win.

Samantha Calimbahin: Stanford 34, Kansas State 30 - This is a tight one, with Kansas State knocking on the door of the upset. But in the end, Stanford prevails.

Simone Elices: Stanford 42, Kansas State 14 - Kansas State’s defense was one of the worst in the country last year in terms of total defense, and Stanford just happens to have a player that eats teams like that alive. Kansas State, have fun with Christian McCaffrey.

Mason Chreene: Stanford 42, Kansas State 27 - The Christian McCaffery Heisman revenge tour starts here. Sorry Bill, who I am sure will make it an interesting game at one point during the 60 minutes of play.

*A wormhole in time opens up from the future, and there is a flash of blinding light. Christian McCaffery appears naked on the ground, in a small ditch left by the wormhole. He looks at the Stanford Offense....he opens his mouth to speak, "Come with me if you want to live"*

He then proceeds to account for 450 yards against the wildcats.

Andrew Felts: Stanford 34, Kansas State 17 – Kansas State hangs around early but Stanford proves to be too much for the Wildcats down the stretch. If any coach could win this type of game, it’s Bill Snyder, so I have a slight feeling this one might be closer than I expect.

Chris Conaty: Stanford 41, Kansas State 23 – Bill Snyder will have his Wildcats much better prepared than most people expect. However, Christian McCaffrey will find a way to throw, run, catch, and return a touchdown and keep his name at the top of many people’s Heisman lists.

No. 13 TCU vs. South Dakota State

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 56, SDSU 10 - The Frogs come out on fire, and Kenny Hill throws four touchdowns in the first half before the starters make way for the number twos.

Melissa Triebwasser: TCU 38, SDSU 13 - I have a feeling the first half of this game may give fans deja vu back to the Frog Raid coming out party against Minnesota in 2014. Kenny Hill should have no problem picking apart the Jackrabbits and spreading the ball around to a plethora of talented skill position players, and the TCU D should look like a TCU D.

Marshall Weber:

Travis Kennedy: TCU 49, South Dakota State 7 - The Frogs are impressive in their debut, but they give up a late touchdown and can't get the shutout. SDSU is not a bad FCS team, but this TCU defense is for real. No field goals are attempted.

Scott Boase: TCU 48, South Dakota State 7 - FCS opener. Blowout.

Deanna Rust: TCU 38, South Dakota State 21 – GO FROGS.

Samantha Calimbahin: TCU 54, South Dakota State 17 - It takes the Frogs about a quarter and a half to get in the groove, and the Jackrabbits strike early. But by the second half, the Frogs find their poise and Kenny Hill leads the team to a spectacular blowout win.

Simone Elices: TCU 55, South Dakota State 10 - While South Dakota State is ranked 14 in the FCS Coaches Poll to start the year, the Frogs should be able to take care of business on Saturday with ease. Saturdays at The Carter are back and nothing feels better than that.

Mason Chreene: TCU 70, South Dakota State 10 - LET THE HILL4HEISMAN CAMPAIGN BEGIN

Andrew Felts: TCU 56, South Dakota State 3 – TCU finally exacts revenge on South Dakota State for the 76-67 loss that the Frogs took on the basketball court last season. The Kenny Hill era begins with a four touchdown day as the Frogs blowout their FCS foes to start the 2016 season on the right foot.

Chris Conaty: TCU 54, South Dakota State 9 – The offense may see a few hiccups early on with the new offensive line and Kenny Hill’s first start for the Frogs, but they’ll get it going quickly and light up the Jackrabbits. The TCU defense will show its strength, keeping SDSU out of the end zone and scoring a TD themselves.

No. 3 Oklahoma @ No. 15 Houston (at NRG Stadium)

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma 42, Houston 35 - The Sooners defense makes a last minute stand against Greg Ward Jr. and Co. as the Sooners go home winners.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma 34, Houston 31 - This may be more about what I want to happen than what I think will happen, but I don't see Baker folding on the big stage with the entire country watching.

Marshall Weber: Oklahoma 45, Houston 40 - What a monumental game this could be. If Houston were to go out and knock Oklahoma in the mouth, you could see how that puts a butterfly effect on the future of the Big 12 and Herman staying in Houston rather than going to Texas or Texas A&M. A lot of moving parts in the scenario, sure; Not to mention, Houston would still have to convincingly blow through the rest of their schedule for the CFP Committee to even think about putting them a playoff field with Alabama or LSU, Ohio State or Michigan, or Notre Dame, etc.

But I don't think it happens. I don't think Baker Mayfield and Bob Stoops allow themselves to be shown up by the most-talked about coach in the sport.

Travis Kennedy: Oklahoma 42, Houston 38 - I'm a pretty big gloom and doom guy, and this matchup makes me scared for the Big 12. I could see it going Houston's way in front of what will effectively be a home game for them at NRG Stadium, but Big Game Bob shows up and the Big 12 walks away from this one with their head held high.

Scott Boase: Oklahoma 41, Houston 33 - This one is sure to be a barn-burner in Houston, as Oklahoma's defense struggles to fill the gaps left behind by its departed senior leaders. Houston returns the lions share of its offense, but the defense can't keep up and Oklahoma puts it away with a late 4th quarter TD.

Deanna Rust: Oklahoma 42, Houston 24 – Oklahoma will do its thing. I’d love to see Houston put up a strong fight, but I think that’s asking too much for the first game of the season.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma 45, Houston 44 - The season's barely begun and it's already the game of the century ("Remember meeeee..." Oh, is that too 2014ish? Okay, moving on...). Baker Mayfield has turned into a total monster at quarterback, and Houston carries on its hype from last season's Peach Bowl. The game is filled with touchdowns and turnovers, with the winner determined by whoever scores last.

Simone Elices: Oklahoma 38, Houston 35 - This has been one of the most hyped up games of the offseason (and rightly so), and I see no reason why it shouldn’t live up to the billing. Oklahoma by a late field goal.

Mason Chreene: Oklahoma: 45, Houston 38 - I have mixed emotions here. I want Houston to win. I love Tom Herman. Tom Herman is incredibly cool and is one of the freakin boys. I also would love to see a Bob Stoops team under perform and fall short of expectations (again). However, GEAUX Big 12 so I have to hop on the Sooner wagon for now. Also, I decided to pick this one in a Felts like manner, so I am picking the favorite. I could honestly see a very very chippy performance from UH here. With a lot of star power gone, we could see the Sooner defense come out sluggish against the Cougars attack. However, thanks to Samaje Perine, the Sooners grind out a game winning 4 minute drive to score the final touchdown. Thus ends OU's first chapter of this season: Escape from H-town.

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma 31, Houston 24 – Houston gives Oklahoma all they can handle in a Big 12 resume game for the Cougars.

Chris Conaty: Oklahoma 38, Houston 24 – I expect the Cougars to put up a good fight, but ultimately I don’t see them slowing down all of Oklahoma’s offensive weapons. Greg Ward Jr. is an incredible quarterback and leader, but he’ll struggle to find openings in a strong Sooner secondary.

West Virginia vs. Missouri

Jamie Plunkett: West Virginia 24, Missouri 17 - The Mountaineers knock off a wayward Missouri team with a new coach.

Melissa Triebwasser: West Virginia 42, Missouri 24 - This is a sneaky important week one game for the Big 12 and WVU, who could really use an SEC skin on their wall. Missouri should be vulnerable early, and the one thing we know about the Eers is that they will score.

Marshall Weber: West Virginia 38, Missouri 28 - Put that in your Big 12-SEC trade pipe and smoke it.

Travis Kennedy: West Virginia 35, Missouri 20 - Ahh. A battle of the old Big 12 member vs the new Big 12 member. I know Missouri has a few SEC East titles in the last few years, but that means about as much as when they used to win the Big 12 North. They do not go to Morgantown and come out with a win.

Scott Boase: West Virginia 28, Missouri 23 - West Virginia has lost one of its leaders on defense, but is a sleeper team in the Big 12 this year. Missouri is always good, but has a first year head coach after promoting Barry Odom from defensive coordinator.

Deanna Rust: West Virginia 28, Missouri 21 – West Virginia has home field advantage, but they’re too inconsistent to know if they’re going to be the talented West Virginia team or the one that falls apart under pressure. I give it WVU by a small margin.

Samantha Calimbahin: West Virginia 35, Missouri 20 - Both teams play a close first half, then West Virginia begins to pull away later in the game.

Simone Elices: West Virginia 24, Missouri 21 - I have no doubt that Morgantown will be rocking for their season opener, and can see the Mountaineers squeaking out a close one. Morgantown, get your couches ready.

Mason Chreene: West Virginia: 34, Mizzou: 20 - Let's compare the two teams looking at last year:

WVU offense compared to Mizzou offense: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA WVU is so much better. WVU defense compared to Mizzou defense: HEHEHEHEHEHE Mizzou's was clearly better (even though they played in the SEC East). Give me the Mountain couch burning people over the 3rd best tigers in the SEC. The West Virginia defense would have to actually have nap time on the field in order to lose an offensive battle to Mizzou, however I still keep it at a two score game because the Tiger defense is respectable.

Andrew Felts: West Virginia 38, Missouri 20 – Big 12 members 1, Big 12 rejects 0.

Chris Conaty: West Virginia 41, Missouri 17 – It’s tough to beat the Mountaineers in Morgantown and I don’t expect a team with a new coach to go in there and win. West Virginia will come away with a big win over an SEC team and provide a boost to the Big 12’s conference résumé.

No. 21 Oklahoma State vs. Southeastern Louisiana

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma State 70, Southeastern Louisiana 14 - Beat. Down.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma State 49, Southeastern Louisiana 13 - SE Louisiana is about to get to know James Washington and Mason Rudolph really well.

Marshall Weber: Oklahoma State 50, Southeastern Louisiana 10 - Will OSU be good this year? Like Big 12 Title Contender good? I still have no idea. This won't help either.

Travis Kennedy: Oklahoma State 42, Southeastern Louisiana 14 - Last year OSU opened up their season by struggling against a mid-major program. This year they...don't? Yeah. This year they don't.

Scott Boase: Oklahoma State 42, Southeastern Louisiana 10 - FCS opener. Blowout.

Deanna Rust: Oklahoma State 37, Southeastern Louisiana 10 – The Cowboys will ride this horse all the way to the endzone. A lot.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma State 45, Southeastern Louisiana 10 - Easy peasy win for the Pokes. Next!

Simone Elices: Oklahoma State 45, Southeastern Louisiana 10 - I think Oklahoma State is one of the least talked about good teams in the country this year. Do I think they have a shot at making the playoffs? No. But I do think that they have a much stronger team than people are giving them credit for and can potentially upset a team or two down the road.

Mason Chreene: Oklahoma State 66, Southeastern Louisiana 21 - Will we see some life in the OSU run game? Who's to say, but for the sake of #BIG12DOMINANCE here's hoping!

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma State 56, Southeastern Louisiana 10 – Yeah, no.

Chris Conaty: Oklahoma State 55, Southeastern Louisiana 13 – Mason Rudolph and company start the season off with a stress-free win over the Lions.

Kansas vs. Rhode Island

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas 35, Rhode Island 17 - This will be the one double-digit win of the season for Kansas. The question is, will it be their only win of the season?

Melissa Triebwasser: Kansas 20, Rhode Island 3 - OFF THE SCHNEID JAYHAWKS WOOOOOOOOOOO.

Marshall Weber: Kansas 28, Rhode Island 13 - A big one for the Jayhawks, who I'm not sure we can really make fun of given how horribly we always play them.

Travis Kennedy: Kansas 21, Rhode Island 20 - Kansas wins!! Kansas wins!!

Scott Boase: Kansas 28, Rhode Island 17 - Kansas... please don't lose this one.

Deanna Rust: Kansas 31, Rhode Island 7 – Get ‘em, Jayhawks.

Samantha Calimbahin: Kansas 24, Rhode Island 20 - And Kansas avoids a winless season!

Simone Elices: Kansas 31, Rhode Island 10 - Here it is. The game all twelve Jayhawk football fans have been waiting for. The game that will keep Kansas from another terrible 0-12 season. I believe.

Mason Chreene: Kansas 41, Rhode island 17 - The Jayhawks' quest to repeat their perfect season from last year ends this weekend.

Andrew Felts: Kansas 34, Rhode Island 3 – The Jayhawks win! But they’re gonna miss an extra point in hilarious fashion just to remind everyone that they’re still Kansas.

Chris Conaty: Kansas 30, Rhode Island 17 – David Beaty finally gets his first win at Kansas after going 0-12 last year, albeit against an FCS opponent that went 1-10 last year.

Iowa State vs. Northern Iowa

Jamie Plunkett: Iowa State 42, Northern Iowa 17 - The Cyclones dominate their in-state foe on the back of Mike Warren.

Melissa Triebwasser: Iowa State 34, Northern Iowa 13 - Prepare for the Iowa State hype train to start rolling. It's going to be an ugly crash and burn.

Marshall Weber: Iowa State 38, Northern Iowa 13 - I'm not saying Iowa State is going to run away and win a Big 12 title soon. But the Cyclones could spoil and break a lot of hearts this year.

Travis Kennedy: Iowa State 28, Northern Iowa 14 - New coach for Iowa State against a decent FCS team. Common Big 12...

Scott Boase: Iowa State 24, Northern Iowa 20 - I believe in Cyclones head coach Matt Campbell and the play of running back Mike Warren, but this one could be dangerously close for the first year coach against an FCS team that has been picked to finish second in the Missouri Valley Conference behind only the 5-time reigning national champions North Dakota State.

Deanna Rust: Iowa State 35, Northern Iowa 28 – Iowa State will take this game at home with no problem.

Samantha Calimbahin: Iowa State 30, Northern Iowa 24 - The Cyclones play a messy game, but it winds up with a win.

Simone Elices: Iowa State 35, Northern Iowa 14 - While I think Iowa State should be able to handle Northern Iowa rather easily, this game should give us a decent idea if Matt Campbell will be able to run the same high powered offense with the Cyclones that he had for the previous five seasons with Toledo.

Mason Chreene: Iowa State 34, NIU 24 - The Cyclones start their post Rhodes era a little rocky (road....puntastic participation had to be done, I am sorry). However, Mr. Warren has a 150+ yard rushing performance to keep the Cyclones comfortable.

Andrew Felts: Iowa State 24, Northern Iowa 21 – College kickers.

Chris Conaty: Iowa State 24, Northern Iowa 21 – Joel Lanning finds Allen Lazard twice for scores and Mike Warren adds another as Iowa State opens the Matt Campbell era with a narrow win over a strong FCS team.

Texas Tech vs. Stephen F. Austin

Jamie Plunkett: Texas Tech 56, Stephen F. Austin 28 - Tech takes care of business, but people start to wonder if they have what it takes to win the Big 12.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas Tech 70, Stephen F. Austin 42 - Pat Mahomes is (still) really good. The Texas Tech defense is (still) really bad.

Marshall Weber: Texas Tech 70, Stephen F. Austin 24 - Pat Mahomes gets ALL the TDs and his voyage to New York begins; even if Texas Tech finishes with four losses.

Travis Kennedy: Texas Tech 59, Stephen F. Austin 20 - Not a close one, but Tech's defense is still not good enough to hold anybody to less than 20 points. Whispers of Heisman hype for Patty Ice spread outward from the plains.

Scott Boase: Texas Tech 52, Stephen F. Austin 20 - Tech flexes its muscle and even manages to flash a little defense against the Lumberjacks.

Deanna Rust: Texas Tech 55, Stephen F. Austin 17 – Texas Tech will make a strong showing in their first game of the season. Sorry, SFA. It’s gonna be rough.

Samantha Calimbahin: Texas Tech 56, Stephen F. Austin 10 - Tech routs SFA in spectacular, high-scoring fashion. What else do you expect?

Simone Elices: Texas Tech 42, Stephen F. Austin 21 - Not much to see here. Tech should be able to take care of a rather weak Stephen F. Austin team.

Mason Chreene: Texas Tech 77, SFA 28 - Patrick Mahomes tosses so many dimes that it's all College game day will talk about when they come to fort worth, and they will compare it to that time Boykin threw for 7 TD's against them in 2014. It is going to be the most college game day thing ever. Trust me. Oh ya, and we see Kliff crouch while reading off his play cards about 32 times in this game, because he wants to experiment and see how quickly a single player can throw for 500 yards in a game. I don't think that Mahomes will throw for that many because he's going to have to leave the game early with shoulder soreness because one's arms can only handle oh so many touchdowns.

Andrew Felts: Texas Tech 48, Stephen F. Austin 21 – Next.

Chris Conaty: Texas Tech 70, Stephen F. Austin 24 – Patrick Mahomes will light up the scoreboard with 6 touchdown passes and Texas Tech will win this one easily. However, questions will remain regarding their defense.

Texas vs. No. 10 Notre Dame (Sunday)

Jamie Plunkett: Notre Dame 35, Texas 20 - The fans in Austin leave the game disgruntled and wondering why the heck Swoopes was starting.

Melissa Triebwasser: Notre Dame 31, Texas 28 - It's going to be really fun when a close loss to the Irish gets people talking about the much improved Horns and the talking heads start picking them as a conference title favorite.

Marshall Weber: Notre Dame 28, Texas 17 - Texas gets cheeky with Swoopes and they put up a good first half fight; but then they remember Tyrone Swoopes is their quarterback and the Irish chip away at a lead.

Travis Kennedy: Notre Dame 31, Texas 24 - Texas gets their butts kicked again, but not as badly as last year. They prove themselves to be relatively competent on offense, but they were never going to win this one.

Scott Boase: Texas 26, Notre Dame 24 - As much as I would enjoy Texas beating Notre Dame, I find it hard to believe it's going to happen with a Longhorn true freshman quarterback. That being said, this game is in Austin, and Notre Dame is dealing with the suspension of six players, at least two of which were projected to be starters on defense. It's a tossup for me, and while I really don't buy into Texas' hype yet I think they deserve some serious consideration given the aforementioned factors as well as the prep time they are afforded for the season opener.

Deanna Rust: Notre Dame 35, Texas 28 – I don’t see this one covering the spread. Notre Dame doesn’t have many returning starters, and Strong swears the Longhorns have changed their ways since last year. So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and give it to ND by a touchdown.

Samantha Calimbahin: Texas 35, Notre Dame 30 - Another candidate for Game of the Century. Texas comes out in full force, battles Notre Dame to the final seconds and scores a game-winning touchdown as the clock expires. Suddenly, murmurings of Texas' rise back to greatness begin, and @ChuckFnStrong has the best Twitter night in history.

Simone Elices: Notre Dame 45, Texas 21 - While I do think the Longhorns will be much improved this year, I do not think that we'll necessarily see those improvements until Week 2 when Texas plays UTEP. Notre Dame easily.

Mason Chreene: Notre Dame 45, Texas 28 - IN CASE YOU GUYZ FORGOT TEXAS IS A SLEEPER TEAM TO WIN THE BIG 12 THIS YEAR. HEY DO NOT FORGET THAT TEXAS IS GOING TO BE REALLY IMPROVED THIS YEAR. DID YOU GUYS HEAR ME? I SAID TEXAS IS GOING TO BE GO--I am so sick of hearing that. Texas is going to lose this game. They aren't quite back to being on the level of the Irish just yet, and not even Buechele can save them now (at this moment). Irish will win. Even though they shouldn't judge him off of this game, people will start to talk about the fire burning under Charlie's gluteus maximus. Texas defense will do really well for a half, and the Texas offense will surprise us for one quarter of play...but the Irish run away with this one.

Andrew Felts: Notre Dame 31, Texas 21 – How early is too early for a head coach to be on the hot seat?

Chris Conaty: Texas 24, Notre Dame 20 – Despite breaking in a freshman quarterback (I assume), Texas will escape with a hard-fought, narrow victory in Austin behind a strong running attack and a stout defense. The duo of Foreman and Warren will help provide the offense stability, something that has lacked during the Charlie Strong era.

Around the Country

Wisconsin vs. No. 5 LSU

Jamie Plunkett: LSU 35, Wisconsin 27

Melissa Triebwasser: LSU 37, Wisconsin 12

Marshall Weber: LSU 31, Wisconsin 17

Travis Kennedy: LSU 31, Wisconsin 17

Scott Boase: LSU 31, Wisconsin 20

Deanna Rust: LSU 28, Wisconsin 17

Samantha Calimbahin: LSU 40, Wisconsin 35

Simone Elices: LSU 28, Wisconsin 27

Mason Chreene:

LSU 38, Wisconsin 25

Andrew Felts: LSU 20, Wisconsin 17

Chris Conaty: LSU 35, Wisconsin 17

No. 22 North Carolina vs. No. 18 Georgia

Jamie Plunkett: Georgia 42, North Carolina 24

Melissa Triebwasser: Georgia 31, North Carolina 24

Marshall Weber: North Carolina 41, Georgia 38

Travis Kennedy: North Carolina 24, Georgia 21

Scott Boase: North Carolina 30, Georgia 28

Deanna Rust: Georgia 31, North Carolina 28

Samantha Calimbahin: Georgia 28, North Carolina 24

Simone Elices: North Carolina 42, Georgia 34

Mason Chreene: Georgia 42, UNC 35

Andrew Felts: Georgia 27, North Carolina 24

Chris Conaty: Georgia 31, North Carolina 21

No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 20 USC

Jamie Plunkett: Alabama 27, USC 14

Melissa Triebwasser: Alabama 42, USC 31

Marshall Weber: Alabama 38, USC 24

Travis Kennedy: Alabama 38, USC 28

Scott Boase: Alabama 41, USC 30

Deanna Rust: Alabama 34, USC 24

Samantha Calimbahin: USC 30, Alabama 28

Simone Elices: Alabama 35, USC 17

Mason Chreene: Alabama 41, USC 35

Andrew Felts: Alabama 28, USC 17 – KIFFIN WINS KIFFIN BOWL!

Chris Conaty: Alabama 38, USC 20

No. 4 Florida State vs. No. 11 Ole Miss

Jamie Plunkett: Florida State 30, Ole Miss 24

Melissa Triebwasser: Florida State 34, Ole Miss 31

Marshall Weber: Florida State 31, Ole Miss 27

Travis Kennedy: Florida State 31, Ole Miss 20

Scott Boase: Florida State 27, Ole Miss 26

Deanna Rust: Florida State 30, Ole Miss 28

Samantha Calimbahin: Florida State 38, Ole Miss 28

Simone Elices: Florida State 35, Ole Miss 31

Mason Chreene: Ole Miss 34, FSU 32

Andrew Felts: Ole Miss 31, Florida State 28

Chris Conaty: Florida State 28, Ole Miss 24

Texas A&M vs. No. 16 UCLA

Jamie Plunkett: UCLA 35, Texas A&M 28

Melissa Triebwasser: UCLA 34, Texas A&M 24

Marshall Weber: Texas A&M 24, UCLA 20

Travis Kennedy: UCLA 38, Texas A&M 31

Scott Boase: UCLA 27, Texas A&M 21

Deanna Rust: Texas A&M 28, UCLA 27

Samantha Calimbahin: Texas A&M 34, UCLA 30

Simone Elices: UCLA 38, Texas A&M 24

Mason Chreene: UCLA 35, Texas A&M 31 - ALL HAIL THE ROSEN ONE

Andrew Felts: UCLA 31, Texas A&M 21

Chris Conaty: UCLA 34, Texas A&M 31