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5 Craig James Facts that are Actually True

Here’s your Random Fact(s) of the Week!

NCAA Football: Liberty at Southern Methodist Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

In honor of Iron Skillet week, this week's random, facts...are all about an SMU legend, former running back Craig James.

Now, whatever you could have *possibly* heard about James may or may not be true. But these five things actually are true.

5. His first name is "Jesse."

Nope, his first name is not actually "Craig." Craig is his middle name. So that makes him Jesse Craig James. Or, without the "Craig," it's "Jesse James."

4. He went to SMU for a girl.

I guess that makes her...Jesse's girl?? According to ESPN, his then-girlfriend Marilyn Arps was "100 percent of why" he decided to go to SMU. She eventually became his wife.

3. He once played in the USFL.

James's first gig out of college was in the now-defunct United States Football League. He played for the Washington Federals.

2. He ran for Senate in 2012...

...but only got less than 4 percent of votes. Not quite enough to win the seat.

1. Okay so that “thing” that James did...we don't know for sure, okay?!?

There's a good chance that he didn't...or maybe he did...who even knows. But what we do know, is that a t-shirt exists in this world. And it's purple.