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WATCH: Niko Small freestyle raps about TCU

Smol Bean.

TCU v SMU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Niko Small had a rather splendid night on Friday vs. SMU, snatching up TCU’s first pick of the year toward the end of the game, which henceforth transferred powers to all of TCU’s other defenders to get picks as well (okay, exaggerating a bit, but still!).

This is why I have bestowed upon him a new nickname: Smol Bean.

I mean look at him. He’s 5-foot-10. He’s got potential. And so I’ve been told, he’s “seriously the sweetest guy,” according to Madalyn Shircliff, who was at Frog Camp with him last year.

And here he is, at Frog Camp, freestyle rapping about TCU. Now isn’t this precious?

Not Small. Smol.