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It’s time for more Gary Patterson coaching rumors

What has been a yearly occurrence for the last six or seven years is back again for another round.

Iowa State v TCU Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Time is, indeed, a flat circle. Nothing proves that more than this time of year, when the first few big coaching firings take place and the rumors start swirling. You see, Gary Patterson is an attractive name to the average, list-making fan who just saw their favorite team fire a head coach.

Fans from schools all over the country have all hoped for an announcement that Gary Patterson would be their head coach over the past decade, and responsible media members have gone on record to report rumors that perpetuate these fans’ longings, or at the very least include Patterson on a list of “X [number of] possible replacements for ____” (click the links for each school). Here’s a probably-not-comprehensive list to look at.

Now, less than one full day removed from Les Miles being fired at LSU, Gary Patterson’s name is already being mentioned on all of the Twitter lists.

On a side note, though, props to this awesome Syracuse fan for wondering if Jimbo Fisher leaves Florida State for LSU, that the Noles might hire Saban as HC, Chip Kelly as OC, and Patterson as DC.

But, we’d all do well to take a glance up at the list above, and then just go back about our business again. Because, as Shehan puts it, Patterson has it made.