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Source: TCU likely to vote "no" on Big 12 expansion

According to one source familiar with the university's position, TCU is likely to vote "no" on the issue of Big 12 expansion.

TCU will vote no on expansion
TCU will vote no on expansion

The closely watched, incredibly complex, and increasingly frustrating Big 12 expansion process is set to come to a close in October, and a number of votes are starting to filter in ahead of the scheduled meeting between Big 12 presidents.

And, according to one source familiar with the university's position, TCU will likely vote "no" on the issue of Big 12 expansion.

This decision, according to the source, has been developing over several months as the university has reviewed its options, the options available to the conference and its members, and the opinions of key stakeholders within and around TCU.

Ultimately, with significant input from key stakeholders, a decision not to act on expansion at this time has been deemed the "best worst option" for the Horned Frogs and the Big 12.

As Frogs O' War has reported, the decision on Big 12 expansion has been complicated from the very beginning. We've witnessed that first-hand over the past month and a half, as it never seemed like Big 12 schools could get on the same page about who to invite to the conference.

This news comes on the heels of a report by Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel who says, in all likelihood, that expansion is likely a toss-up at best today. In addition, Oklahoma's president David Boren, a vocal proponent of expansion throughout the process to this point, is reportedly wavering.

Boren released a statement earlier this week, claiming, "I do not know where the speculation came from, but Oklahoma has not taken a stance on expansion."

Meanwhile, Oklahoma State's well-known benefactor, T. Boone Pickens, suggested that maybe it was time for Boren to retire.

This is still an incredibly fluid situation, and you can count on Frogs O' War to keep you up to date.