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Frogs O’ War Radio: Oklahoma preview, TCU likely a “no” vote for Big 12 expansion

You won’t want to miss tonight’s episode.

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Tonight’s show will undoubtedly be full of hot sports opinions, so be sure to tune in.

Don’t forget, you can call in too, and provide your own HSO’s to the broadcast. The call-in number is 657-383-1319.

Full Rundown:

Jamie and Melissa are back to talk about TCU-Oklahoma. Tonight, they're joined by Graham Dudley from SB Nation's Oklahoma site, Crimson and Cream, to help preview the game. Here's the full rundown:

1. Oklahoma Preview w/ Graham Dudley

2. Expansion Talk


4. #ComplaintsDelConte

5. Big Week 5 Match-ups

6. Extra, Extra

Call in at any time during the show to weigh-in: 657-383-1319.