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TCU Random Fact of the Week: Oddest Opponents

Things are shaping up to be pretty odd.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Southern Methodist Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Oklahoma week, and when college football fans think of Oklahoma, they often think “Boomer Sooner” or bright orange paddles smacking against a wall. But rarely does anyone think of the “other” Oklahoma school that wandered its way into TCU football history then disappeared into the fog of the archives...

The Oklahoma School of Mines.

Aww yeah. 20-0. Mine THAT, Oklahoma School of Mines!!!

The Oklahoma School of Mines was one of those short-lived, fly-by-night rivals that came and went in TCU’s history. And it also just had a great name.

Which gets us thinking, what are some of the other odd opponents that have faced the Frogs? Here’s a few you’d get a kick out of.

Toby’s Business College (1896, 1898)

Gotta love good ‘ole Toby’s Business College and good ‘ole Edward Toby (that is, the professor who founded Toby’s Business College in Waco). Toby’s was TCU’s first football opponent ever, and they only played twice. TCU (then-called AddRan College) won both times. Boom. Take that, Toby!

Houston Heavyweights (1896)

Another of TCU’s first opponents, TCU (again, known as AddRan at the time) never actually beat the Houston Heavyweights. The teams played twice in 1896. TCU lost the first time and tied the second time.

Fort Worth University (1897-1907)

Wait...isn’t TCU supposed to be the Fort Worth university? Actually, no. An actual Fort Worth University existed between the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. TCU has a straight 2-2-2 record against FWU (if you’d like to call it that).

111 Ambulance (1917)

Now this one I really don’t know much about other than the fact that TCU won 6-0 in 1917. If there are any 111 Ambulance experts reading this, please educate us in the comments.

Missouri Osteopaths (1920-1921)

Whooo, don’t mess with those osteopaths. TCU did just fine though, beating them twice.

Source: TCU Football 2016 Media Guide