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TCU vs. Oklahoma Preview: Boomer or Bust

Get your feels ready. This one’s going to be a heart attack.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hold on. Let me rub my eyes.

Oklahoma vs. No. 21 TCU

Wait. Is that right? Shouldn't it be the other way around... Oklahoma ranked, with TCU as the underdog?

But no, not in the world we live in today, apparently.

Typical Big 12 powerhouse Oklahoma will be coming to Amon G. Carter Stadium on Friday with a weird two-loss situation on its back. But! Those losses were against two ridiculously good teams (Houston and Ohio State), so it's hard to actually give Oklahoma the "they're just plain bad" tag at this point in the season. Against the Frogs, however, it almost seems like a battle between two equally matched rivals. It’ll certainly be a test for both — a struggling team looking to avoid a two-game losing streak, and a rebuilding team hoping to maintain momentum for the rest of conference play.

But, all that aside, let's check in on how everyone on the crimson and cream side is doing.

Offensive Preview

Baker Mayfield was supposed to win the Heisman this year. But as of lately, he hasn’t been able to help the offense score more than 24 points against ranked teams, at least in those two games. That’s a bit on the low end for college football.

Mayfield is a bit shifty and has been sacked eight times so far this season. He’s thrown just two interceptions, compared to Kenny Hill’s four. The real key here for TCU’s defense is to capitalize on turnovers as much as possible. The Frogs started to pick up some turnover mojo in their last game against SMU. If the defensive line could catch Mayfield scrambling and force a fumble or two, that would make all the difference.

Joe Mixon and Samaje Perine have been solidly carrying the Sooners' run game. Mixon is averaging 8.4 yards per carry, while Perine is averaging 4.5. Again, the Frogs’ defensive line has to be on top of its game here.

Defensive Preview

Allowing an average 31.7 points per game, Oklahoma’s defense has been shaky overall, particularly in the secondary position. The Sooners are yet to have an interception this season (watch them get one against the Frogs just because everyone keeps saying it over and over, especially considering Hill’s occasional misreads *eye roll*).

Again, it’s a matter of who wins the turnover battle. As of now, it seems the Frogs have an upper hand in this aspect. That is, of course, if everyone gets it together.

Score Prediction

TCU is the Oklahoma’s big test. It is, after all, the Sooners’ first Big 12 game of the season. They reaaaally need this win, and they'll fight to get it. The scary part is, when it comes to the Frogs this year, you just never really know. The defense could be either be clicking or stopping nothing. Kenny Hill could either be charging the offense down the field or throwing picks. After three games, though, maybe this will be the game when everyone gets it right at the same time?

If they do, I say the Frogs and Sooners take it to the final seconds. Get your feels ready. This one might be a battle. Might not turn out okay.

Score: TCU 48, Oklahoma 45