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2016 FOW Staff Picks: Week 2

This probably isn’t the week when people start to separate from the pack.

Staff Picks

Look, everyone has a down week once in a while. It’s just a little surprising that everyone had somewhat of a down week in week 1. Not a single FOW staffer picked Houston or Wisconsin to win. It's okay though, there's a long season ahead, right?! The week 1 standings are below, and the picks for week 2 below that.



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(Note: All rankings are from the AP Poll)

Big 12

No. 22 Oklahoma State vs. Central Michigan

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma State 48, Central Michigan 17 - The Cowboys get to 2-0 pretty easily, and then they host Pitt looking to get to 3-0 (which they should do).

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma State 63, Central Michigan 17 - CMU is a decent football team, but the Cowboys look otherworldly on offense to start the season. Though OSU didn't get a ton of love after their week one win, expect them to start climbing the polls as they roll through an easy non-con schedule. The real test will be Baylor in week four... then we will know a little bit about how good this team is. Or isn't.

Marshall Weber: Oklahoma State 44, Central Michigan 13 - Rudolph was just fine in his debut. I'm just excited to see what the Cowboys can do against Pitt before they go back-to-back with Baylor and Texas.

Travis Kennedy: Oklahoma State 45, Central Michigan 21 - The Central Michigan Chippewas have one of the most fun to say mascot names in the country. OSU had trouble with them last year in their opener, but this year in Stillwater the Pokes have a much easier time.

Scott Boase: Oklahoma State 47, Central Michigan 31 - Oklahoma State is favored by 21 in this game, which feels like a little much for a Central Michigan team that always seems to exceed expectations every year and field a solid team. Oklahoma State will win, but the Chippewas will put up some points.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma State 56, Central Michigan 10 - Oklahoma State continues its momentum from last week, pounding Central Michigan for another ginormous win.

Simone Elices: Oklahoma State 52, Central Michigan 10 – Oklahoma State absolutely destroyed Southeastern Louisiana last week and I see no reason why this week should be any different.

Mason Chreene: Oklahoma State 45, Central Michigan 17 - The Gundy Mullet grows longer as another week passes, as does the legend of Mike Gundy: coach, scholar, a man and he's 40.

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma State 35, Central Michigan 13 – Last year, this game was close-ish but the Pokes had to face Central Michigan on the road. I don’t see Oklahoma State having much trouble in the return trip to Stillwater.

Chris Conaty: Oklahoma State 56, Central Michigan 16 – The Chippewas gave Oklahoma State all they could handle to open last season. I believe Rudolph is better now than he was then and should lead the Cowboys to an easy win.

West Virginia vs. Youngstown State

Jamie Plunkett: West Virginia 35, Youngstown State 17 - For some reason I have a weird feeling that Youngstown State will give West Virginia more trouble than Missouri did. It’s possible I just ate something bad.

Melissa Triebwasser: West Virginia 45, Youngstown State 13 - WVU had a really nice week one win against an SEC school - even if it was Missouri. The Eers dominated the game in a way that belied the final score, and looked very comfortable in their own skin as a football team. They should have a chance to break into the top 25 after this weekend.

Marshall Weber: West Virginia 50, Youngstown State 17 - I'm not sure how the 'Eers will do on the road this season; but they could really throw a grenade into the Big 12 with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and TCU coming to Morgantown.

Travis Kennedy: West Virginia 45, Youngstown State 10 - Youngstown State's mascot is a penguin, which is awesome. They play in the Missouri Valley Conference with South Dakota State, and are considerably less talented than SDSU.

Scott Boase: West Virginia 56, Youngstown State 3 - The 'Eers roll against a FCS opponent.

Samantha Calimbahin: West Virginia 27, Youngstown State 24 - I was going to say "Bo Pelini and crew bring on the heat" but since they're the Penguins, I'm going to have to say "Bo Pelini and crew bring on the chill." Ahaha. Ahaha. Ahaha. Close game. If Skyler Howard is in good shape, West Virginia finds a way to win.

Simone Elices: West Virginia 35, Youngstown State 14 – I have a lot more confidence in the Mountaineers this week than I did last week when they beat Missouri. So now after having said that, they’ll probably go out and lose in traditional West Virginia fashion.

Mason Chreene: West Virginia 49, Youngstown State 10 - *Googles Youngstown State's mascot* OH MY GAWSH THAT'S ADORABLE, TALK ME OUT OF PICKING THE UPSET!

Andrew Felts: West Virginia 45, Youngstown State 10 – Am I the only one completely disinterested in this game?

Chris Conaty: West Virginia 38, Youngstown State 24 – Can Pelini’s Penguins pull off the upset? Yes. Will they? Probably not.

Kansas vs. Ohio

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas 42, Ohio 35 - What is happening. Why am I picking Kansas. Oh my God I’m losing my mind.

Melissa Triebwasser: Kansas 24, Ohio 21 - A TWO GAME WINNING STREAK FOR THE JAYHAWKS!!! This is a much improved Kansas program, but they have a long way to go before they can compete in the Big 12.

Marshall Weber: Kansas 41, Ohio 35 - Woah, is Kansas #good?

Travis Kennedy: Ohio 38, Kansas 31 - Almost Kansas. Good try, good effort.

Scott Boase: Kansas 42, Ohio 35 - Ohio put up more yards than Kansas did in week one against a better opponent (albeit in a triple overtime loss), but also gave up more than twice what Kansas did against its FCS foe. Could Kansas really start the season 2-0? There's a real solid chance with this matchup. That being said, Kansas is only favored by 3 at home, effectively making this game a tossup in the eyes of Vegas. Should be a close one.

Samantha Calimbahin: Kansas 27, Ohio 14 - They don't rush the field this time.

Simone Elices: Ohio 48, Kansas 17 - Time to start living in reality, I guess. I don’t see this game being very close.

Mason Chreene: Kansas 38, Ohio 35 - This was the hardest game to predict....and I don't have much faith in this one...but what if....what if....we see the Jayhawks go on a.....wait for it.....W-I-N-N-I-N-G S-T-R-E-A-K. Fly Jayhawks fly.

Andrew Felts: Kansas 20, Ohio 19 – THE JAYHAWKS ARE 2-0!

Chris Conaty: Kansas 31, Ohio 20 – Jayhawk football improves to 2-0 in front of their tens of fans who begin to proclaim that Kansas is now a football school.

No. 23 Baylor vs. SMU

Jamie Plunkett: Baylor 49, SMU 45 - I think this is a close one, and we see SMU push Baylor to the limit before the Bears pull it out.

Melissa Triebwasser: Baylor 49, SMU 44 - This is a sneaky fun matchup in week two, where those that engage in such activities should definitely take the over. SMU looked good against UNT - but it's UNT - but should get up in a big way against a Big 12 opponent. Matt Davis and Courtland Sutton will put up points in bunches against a rebuilding BU defense, but ultimately Seth Russell proves that he is the best player on the field with a late drive to secure the win.

Marshall Weber: Baylor 63, SMU 35 - Not really feeling the #PonyUpTempo.

Travis Kennedy: Baylor 49, SMU 35 - Wouldn't an upset be so awesome you guys? Yeah, we can hope. But this game probably goes like last year's, with SMU hanging around early and getting dominated in the second half.

Scott Boase: Baylor 56, SMU 31 - SMU is finally starting to gain a small amount of momentum with Chad Morris at the helm, but Baylor still has too much talent and both coordinators remain from last year.

Samantha Calimbahin: Baylor 57, SMU 7 - The Bears' offense explodes once again for an easy peasy win over the Mustangs.

Simone Elices: Baylor 51, SMU 35 – This should be a great test for Chad Morris and his up and coming SMU team, but in the end, Baylor’s depth should wear down on the Mustangs.

Mason Chreene: Baylor 56, SMU 35 - The ponies stick around all the way till the end of the 3rd quarter, but then the VAUNTED BAYLOR BEAR DEFENSE WINS THE GREEN AND GOLD THE GAME! Of course, the best defense is a good offense. Bears make it through week 2 unscathed after surviving two brutal first weeks.

Andrew Felts: Baylor 56, SMU 21 – Going to be rooting pretty hard for this one to somehow end in a tie.

Chris Conaty: Baylor 56, SMU 35 – Baylor’s offense didn’t look like it lost much post-Briles, maybe because there is still a Briles? The Mustangs are much improved, but I can’t see them winning this one.

No. 11 Texas vs. UTEP

Jamie Plunkett: Texas 56, UTEP 17 - I don’t know if Texas is back or not, but this game will be an easy W.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas 49, UTEP 13 - Shane Buechele is really good. Conference opponents will realize that Swoopes isn't going to throw the ball - and if he does, it won't be good - but in the non con slate, the 18 Wheeler package continues to provide a dangerous change of pace. The Texas defense is as talented as any in the country, and the same can be said for the running backs. The Horns should roll through their next two games before an interesting matchup with the Cowboys in Stillwater.

Marshall Weber: Texas 50, UTEP 24 - Gilbert's offense looked great in Week One. I think Big 12 teams get the Swoopes package down; still, the Buechele/Baylor-offense replicant side is very promising and will take advantage of less equipped team like UTEP.

The #HotTake? Despite the personnel, and a likely All-American in Malik Jefferson, I think it's the Strong defense that gets Texas into trouble this year more so than a new offense.

Travis Kennedy: Texas 60, UTEP 24 - Burnt Orange Baylor lays a beat down on the Conference USA team that they kind of share a name with.

Scott Boase: Texas 42, UTEP 18 - It's a good thing the Longhorns are playing UTEP this week, otherwise they'd be a prime candidate for a letdown week.

Samantha Calimbahin: Texas 35, UTEP 20 - 2-0 baby! ALL ABOARD THE TEXAS HYPE TRAIN!!!

Simone Elices: Texas 35, UTEP 7 – I don’t think I’m ready for a return to Texas football being good. I’m hoping that Notre Dame was just overrated and the Texas win was a fluke. please.

Mason Chreene: Texas 48, UTEP 21 - Welp. I was too confident in my last pick that had Texas in it. I apologize for my overconfidence in the angry leprechaun that is Brian Kelly and the Irish..and to be fair, Texas almost blew it. BUT TAKE HEED MY BIG 12 PEOPLE, we get to hear about the UT hype train for at least one more week as the Horns face a different University of Texas.

Andrew Felts: Texas 35, UTEP 21 – Texas jumps to #1 in the AP Poll following the big win. (satire font)

Chris Conaty: Texas 38, UTEP 20 – The wheels won’t be coming off the 18-wheeler yet.

No. 14 Oklahoma vs. Louisiana Monroe

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma 49, Louisiana Monroe 24 - Poor ULM. They’re facing a team that is full of rage.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma 54, Louisiana Monroe 24 - TRAP GAME TRAP GAME! Just kidding. Sooners roll.

Marshall Weber: Oklahoma 63, Louisiana Monroe 13 - Baker needs a break.

Travis Kennedy: Oklahoma 66, Louisiana Monroe 10 - I mean, they can't mess this one up right? No upset. Angry Sooners dominate and then Baker Mayfield pulls a Kirk Cousins after the game, shouting "YOU LIKE THAT? YOU LIKE THAT!" at reporters on his way to the locker room.

Scott Boase: Oklahoma 51, Louisiana Monroe 7 - The Sooners are going to be fired up after their losing on a national stage to Houston last week. OU rolls.

Samantha Calimbahin: Oklahoma 30, Louisiana Monroe 7 - Baker Mayfield eats a bucket of hate that empowers him to rise from the deep and become Baker Mayfield once more.

Simone Elices: Oklahoma 45, Louisiana Monroe 14 – The only way I see OU losing this game (or even making it close) is if they are looking past Louisiana Monroe to Ohio State. After last weeks showing, I don’t think Bob Stoops will let his football team look past anyone.

Mason Chreene: Oklahoma 63, Louisiana Monroe 10 - Bob is whipping his squad into shape this week after the Sooners (predictably) under preformed against the Cougars (but props to you Tom Herman and the Cougs). He will also make sure that his team whips this Warhawks squad as the Normanites prepare for their showdown with THE Ohio State...can it be next week already?

Andrew Felts: Oklahoma 63, Louisiana Monroe 10 – I’m so excited for matchups like this to be over.

Chris Conaty: Oklahoma 70, Louisiana Monroe 3 – Let’s just say the Sooners probably aren’t very ecstatic about how they played last week. Sorry Warhawks.

Iowa State @ No. 16 Iowa

Jamie Plunkett: Iowa 42, Iowa State 38 - It’ll be close because it’s a rivalry game, but Iowa wins this one at home.

Melissa Triebwasser: Iowa 37, Iowa State 20 - The Cyclones are one of the most disappointing teams of the early going, as the offensive triple threat of Mike Warren, Allen Lazard, and Joel Lanning never got rolling against UNI. They'll get up for their biggest rival, but Iowa is just the more talented football team. By a mile.

Marshall Weber: Iowa 30, Iowa State 20 - Matt Campbell would revamp his summer hype with a big win against possibly the most boring pretty good team in the country and intrastate rival in Iowa. It's just gonna happen.

Travis Kennedy: Iowa 38, Iowa State 28 - Thanks for nothing Iowa State.

Scott Boase: Iowa 26, Iowa State 13 - Iowa has too much experience and is going to ground and pound against the Cyclones porous defense.

Samantha Calimbahin: Iowa 45, Iowa State 14 - Cyclones gonna Cyclone against a solid Iowa Hawkeyes.

Simone Elices: Iowa 31, Iowa State 6– Iowa State looked bad last week against Northern Iowa, why not finish off being swept by the other Iowa team they have on their schedule.

Mason Chreene: Iowa 27, Iowa State 24 - Iowa State lost to Northern Iowa last weekend (thanks for kneecapping my picks Cyclones, I had faith in you), so I have no reason to believe that the Cyclones can win the most sacred trophy in all of college football: the Iowa crown. Nothing is better than football in the state of Iowa. While I don't think the Cyclones will win this one, they will make sure to make it interesting as they show up to play against their most hated rival.

Andrew Felts: Iowa 27, Iowa State 13 – Iowa outlasts Iowa State in one of the few semi-appealing Big 12 games of the weekend.

Chris Conaty: Iowa 27, Iowa State 17 – Rivalry games can always go either way and are usually really close until one team makes a mistake. The Hawkeyes are good at minimizing their mistakes and should come away with the win.

Texas Tech @ Arizona State

Jamie Plunkett: Texas Tech 56, Arizona State 42 - The Sun Devils won’t be able to hang with Pat Mahomes and the Raiders, but questions about Tech’s defense will surface.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas Tech 47, Arizona State 31 - A very interesting matchup for Tech, which should have no problems scoring at will against the Sun Devils, but will probably learn a lot more about their defense against a Power Five opponent. I think the Red Raiders roll, and the defense makes enough stops when it matters to prove that they are a legit threat in the Big 12.

Marshall Weber: Texas Tech 70, Arizona State 56 - The Mahomes hype is real. Sadly, the Tech defense is really bad.

Travis Kennedy: Texas Tech 48, Arizona State 42 - The Patty Ice Heisman hype train continues to gain steam. But seriously, thanks Tech. We really need these OOC power 5 wins.

Scott Boase: Arizona State 48, Texas Tech 41 - This is a tough one for me, as Texas Tech is favored in this game and features an otherworldly offense, not to mention the Sun Devils have a new quarterback making only his second start. But Tempe seems to be the Lubbock of the Pac 12 as far as where good teams go to watch their dream seasons die, and I think the Arizona State upperclassmen will be looking to extract a bit of revenge after the 2013 Holiday Bowl thriller. Plus everyone else is probably going to pick Tech and I want to be contrarian on what is essentially a toss-up game.

Samantha Calimbahin: Texas Tech 41, Arizona State 40 - Tight matchup of two solid teams. This one ends with a big score and tears.

Simone Elices: Arizona State 45, Texas Tech 42 – Arizona State published something in their school newspaper last week prohibiting bringing in and throwing tortillas. Don’t they know that’s just going to encourage Tech fans to bring and throw more tortillas than they ever have before? Tortillas aside, Arizona State pulls out a close one in the desert.

Mason Chreene: Texas Tech 56, Arizona State 49 - YOU WANT POINTS, WE GOT 'EM! YOU WANT THE PATRICK MAHOMES HEISMAN TRAIN TO START PICKING UP STEAM? HE GOT YA. YOU WANT TO SEE TODD GRAHAM SHOUT AND SHAKE HIS HANDS IN THE AIR, AND WAVE THEM LIKE HE JUST DON'T CARE? HE GOT YOU. In the first road test of the season for Tech, I am going with the Raiders. This team is going to go as far as Mahomes can carry them, and he's not slowing down this early in the season. This game needs to be billed as the Battle of teams with exciting offenses, yet underachieving defenses, whose conference ends with the number 12. EXCELSIOR LA MATADORS!!!

Andrew Felts: Texas Tech 31, Arizona State 30 – I’m not entirely sure how to interpret the Pac-12 this season. But what I am sure of is that Patrick Mahomes can throw the football around. I think the Red Raiders do just enough to knock off Arizona State to pick up a big early road win.

Chris Conaty: Texas Tech 42, Arizona State 31 – Mahomes and company will light up the Sun Devils and provide the Big 12 with another strong non-conference win over a Power 5 opponent.

No. 15 TCU vs. Arkansas

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 42, Arkansas 24 - TCU wins this one going away after a close first half. Kenny Hill hits Taj Williams for two TDs, hits Turpin for a TD, and runs for two more. Kyle Hicks breaks 100 yards with a TD, and the defense forces three big turnovers.

Melissa Triebwasser: TCU 37, Arkansas 24 - I was a little more conservative in my predictions in my Q&A with the Arkansas blog, but honestly, this should be a really good matchup for TCU. GP is at his best when he's trying to take away one strength, and he will be ready for a Razorback team that will try and run it down their throat. Allen will connect on a few long passes, but it won't be anything like the Jacks.

Marshall Weber: TCU 35, Arkansas 24 - Despite the weird start last week, I think Gary's defense matches up almost perfectly for what Arkansas likes to run. The Razorbacks will hit a few big plays on the deep throw; but the Frogs will load the box and cripple the run, as well as stuff just about every counter play thrown at them.

As long as Kenny Hill can respond to the big plays Arkansas is likely to make, the game really shouldn't be a problem. The Razorbacks may dominate possession, but they're not great against teams that can score quickly; and TCU's been that team going on three years now.

Travis Kennedy: TCU 38, Arkansas 27 - Yup. That's right, I'm calling it. We make a field goal. Also the defense plays way better, and we hold our opponent to an unembarassing amount of points. GMFP 2, Bielema 0.

Scott Boase: TCU 27, Arkansas 23 - Have to go TCU on this one, but the more I think about it the more nervous I get about this game. Realistically, if TCU were to lose one game this year (a tall task in and of itself) it would be better in the long run to drop this one and have a better chance of winning the Big 12 come conference play. Still, the Frogs D should be fired up after a lackluster performance against a talented but lower division team in South Dakota State.

Samantha Calimbahin: TCU 40, Arkansas 30 - It's another big game for Kenny Hill and a better game for the defense. Total heart attack win, though.

Simone Elices: TCU 55, Arkansas 17 – What I would give to be a fly on the wall for practice this week. TCU’s defense looked confused against an FCS opponent, while the offense (once Kenny Trill settled down) looked pretty good – the exact opposite of how people thought the units would perform. No doubt GMFP let his defensive players hear all about it this week. I think we’re going to see a completely different team playing defense against Arkansas that will remind us of TCU defenses of old.

Mason Chreene: TCU 38, Arkansas 28 - Soooooooooo last week....happened. However, the Frogs match up so much better with the Hogs than they did with the Jackrabbits. Although, the Frogs can't afford to look slow and well...bad on defense again. This Hogs offensive line is literally the biggest in the NCAA and very physical up front. Thankfully the Frogs got the kick in the pants last week instead of this week, and add that in with the motivation of playing an SEC team, and it's hard for me not to pick the home team in this one. Also the Hogs had to rally in the 4th last week to beat LA Tech by 1, at home last week. The Hogs O-line plays a great game, but the TCU defense clinches the game with a sack and fumble recovery in the 4th. Gary gets the better of Bret Bielema again.

Andrew Felts: TCU 38, Arkansas 34 – Admittedly, I didn’t get to see much of the South Dakota State game, but I feel like in the last couple of years the Frogs have started shaky and rebounded the next week. Behind what should be a raucous home crowd, I think TCU pulls out a narrow win against the Razorbacks.

Chris Conaty: TCU 48, Arkansas 24 – Hill and the offense pick up right where they left and give TCU an early lead, forcing the Hogs to abandon their ground and pound offense. The secondary refuses to allow a repeat of last week and helps the Frogs to a solid victory over an SEC opponent.

Around the Country

BYU vs. Utah

Jamie Plunkett: BYU 35, Utah 30

Melissa Triebwasser: Utah 31, BYU 28

Marshall Weber: Utah 41, BYU 35

Travis Kennedy: Utah 38, BYU 35

Scott Boase: Utah 23, BYU 9

Samantha Calimbahin: BYU 24, Utah 21

Simone Elices: Utah 34, BYU 31

Mason Chreene: BYU 25, Utah 24

Andrew Felts: Utah 20, BYU 17

Chris Conaty: BYU 28, Utah 24

No. 17 Tennessee vs. Virginia Tech

Jamie Plunkett: Tennessee 24, Virginia Tech 21

Melissa Triebwasser: Tennessee 38, Virginia Tech 24

Marshall Weber: Tennessee 34, Virginia Tech 20

Travis Kennedy: Tennessee 28, Virginia Tech 17

Scott Boase: Tennessee 26, Virginia Tech 23

Samantha Calimbahin: Tennessee 34, Virginia Tech 24

Simone Elices: Virginia Tech 31, Tennessee 28

Mason Chreene: Tennessee 27, Virginia Tech 24

Andrew Felts: Tennessee 24, Virginia Tech 13

Chris Conaty: Virginia Tech 24, Tennessee 20

Pitt vs. Penn State

Jamie Plunkett: Pitt 28, Penn State 17

Melissa Triebwasser: Penn State 28, Pitt 24

Marshall Weber: Pitt 35, Penn State 30

Travis Kennedy: Pitt 23, Penn State 20

Scott Boase: Pitt 24, Penn State 20

Samantha Calimbahin: Pitt 20, Penn State 17

Simone Elices: Penn State 34, Pitt 21

Mason Chreene: Pitt 28, PSU 27 - Lowkey, this is one of the best running back matchups of the year.

Andrew Felts: Pitt 31, Penn State 24

Chris Conaty: Penn State 28, Pitt 27

Mississippi State vs. South Carolina

Jamie Plunkett: South Carolina 17, Mississippi State 10

Melissa Triebwasser: Mississippi State 24, South Carolina 17

Marshall Weber: Mississippi State 16, South Carolina 13

Travis Kennedy: South Carolina 20, Mississippi State 10

Scott Boase: Mississippi State 18, South Carolina 13

Samantha Calimbahin: Mississippi State 27, South Carolina 21

Simone Elices: Mississippi State 28, South Carolina 17

Mason Chreene: Mississippi State 17, South Carolina 13

Andrew Felts: Mississippi State 28, South Carolina 21

Chris Conaty: South Carolina 20, Mississippi State 14

No. 24 Oregon vs. Virginia

Jamie Plunkett: Oregon 70, Virginia 13

Melissa Triebwasser: Oregon 47, Virginia 31

Marshall Weber: Oregon 60, Virginia 20

Travis Kennedy: Oregon 51, Virginia 20

Scott Boase: Oregon 38, Virginia 13

Samantha Calimbahin: Oregon 37, Virginia 10

Simone Elices: Oregon 52, Virginia 17

Mason Chreene: Oregon, 59, Virginia 28

Andrew Felts: Oregon 56, Virginia 17

Chris Conaty: Oregon 56, Virginia 14