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TCU Basketball is receiving votes in AP and Coaches polls, ranked 25th by CBS Sports

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People are taking notice of the Dixon-led Frogs.

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

TCU basketball is currently 14-3, and is coming off of a 2-0 week with wins over Texas and Iowa State. It marks the third time in school history that the Frogs have started a season 14-3, and people around the country are starting to take notice.

While being ranked is not a big deal for football or baseball, the Frogs dramatic improvement on the hardwood, which is starting to garner some national attention, makes even receiving votes a noteworthy achievement.

The Frogs sit just outside the Top 25 in the AP poll, with the most “votes received” at 29. Maryland, ranked 25th, sits with 121. Meanwhile, the Coaches Poll has TCU right in the middle of things as well, receiving the 6th-most votes outside of the top 25. Needless to say, a win Wednesday against Texas Tech would do nothing but help the cause.

CBS Sports, which does its own poll apart from the AP and Coaches polls, has TCU ranked 25th in this week’s iteration. Here’s what they have to say about the Frogs:

The Horned Frogs' resume features two top-50 KenPom wins and zero sub-25 losses. They've beaten Texas and Iowa State on this two-game winning streak.

The two top-50 KenPom wins come against Illinois State (39th, currently 14-4, and 6-0 in the Missouri Valley Conference with a win over Wichita State), and Iowa State (23rd). Their three losses came against West Virginia (2nd), Kansas (7th), and SMU (25th).

TCU itself sits at 32nd in the KenPom rankings, one of eight Big 12 teams in the Top-50. These rankings take into account things such as strength of schedule, margin of victory, home court advantage, defensive and offensive rankings (both of the team itself, and of its opponents), as well as margin of defeat (and the strength of that opponent), to come up with a predictive ranking that signifies the team’s strength on any given night.

Meanwhile, TCU is currently 25th in the RPI (Ratings Percentage Index), which is utilized by the NCAA Selection Committee when evaluating potential at-large teams.

Lastly, as of this moment in time, TCU has a 53.3% chance of making the NCAA Tournament, according to this metric, which updates daily.

In short, TCU is still improving, but they’re starting to gain some momentum in serious ways. Now, they just need to keep winning.