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Frogs Lose a Close One to Texas Tech 75-69

After a rocky start, the Frogs hit their stride but lose a close one against Texas Tech in Lubbock.

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Texas Tech went into tonight’s game with an 11-0 winning streak on their home court, and their confidence was evident in the first half of tonight’s game against the Horned Frogs.

The Horned Frogs had a rough start, going just 14-27 in the first half off the game. They didn’t score their first points until 2 12 minutes into the game, with Tech already up by 8. As expected, the Frogs’ starting lineup didn’t include Parrish, but he came into the game just before the Frogs put points on the board. Jaylen Fisher was in and out of the game due to a couple early fouls. In fact, fouls were a huge issue for the Frogs tonight, and they tallied 11 in the first half. They were just 1 for 4 in free throws, versus Tech’s 11 for 12. Vladimir Brodziansky hit his groove and was the saving grace that kept us in the game, scoring 10 points, including multiple 3-pointers. Alex Robinson helped with 8 points of his own. At the half, the Frog were down 41-33.

The Frogs continued their momentum in the second half, playing much better defense against the Red Raiders. Fisher was back in to start, but continued to play intermittently with 4 fouls to his name. The Frogs slowly clawed their way to a tie score with 7:54 left in the game. A tricky play by Tech in the final 30 seconds of the game put them up by 6, 72-66. But a Tech foul with 20 seconds left allowed the Frogs to be back within 3. Robinson fouled Keenan Evans to allow Tech to be back up by 5. Desmond Bane fouled Smith with less than 7 seconds left to end the game 75-69 Tech.

Each team had 9 turnovers, but TCU led in rebounds with 31 vs Tech’s 27. TCU was 28-59 overall, with Tech going 22-47. The Frogs’ were just 8 for 27 in 3 point attempts (29.6%), with Tech going 6-14 (42.9%). TCU ended with 25 fouls, compared to just 11 from Tech. The majority were from Bane (5) and Fisher (4), and Brodiansky (4). TCU clearly had an off night for free throws, making just 5 of 9 attempts (55.6%). Tech went 25-31 (80.6%).

On the night, Brodziansky led the Frogs with 22 points, followed by Williams with 16 and Robinson with 11. Robinson was just shy of a double double, leading the team with 9 assists and 8 rebounds.

The Frog will return home for a couple days of rest before a big game against Baylor on Saturday at the Schollmaier.