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WATCH: KaVontae Turpin throws down sick dunk

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Being a basketball school is fun.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Since we’re a basketball school now, it seems everyone is getting in the spirit — even KaVontae Turpin.

Especially KaVontae Turpin.

I mean, look...


As it turns out, per MaxPreps, Turpin played varsity basketball at Neville High School in Monroe, La. He was a guard and averaged about 12.9 points per game between his junior and senior years.

But before y’all start warming up your thumbs to comment that Turpin needs a spot on Jamie Dixon’s roster, remember that we need this kid as healthy as possible for punt returns and all that other fun #TurpinTime stuff next football season. We. Are. Not. Taking. Any. Risks.

Anyway, let’s watch that again...