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TCU News: Frogs Looking For Big Win

The seniors have a chance to go 4-0 against the SEC with a victory tonight against Auburn.


Texas A&M transfer enjoying his return from SEC to shine for TCU | The Star-Telegram

This is a great story. Not only did Robinson’s mom play point guard at TCU, she was there at the same time as Coach Dixon. When her son entered high school, she called her old college buddy and asked him to take a look. Five years later, her dream of Dixon coaching Alex has come to fruition - better than she could have imagined it.

“Just being close to home and getting a chance to play for my mom’s alma mater was pretty big for me,” Robinson said. “She’s done a lot for me, so getting this opportunity to wear her number and represent her and her school is pretty cool. I just thought it was a great opportunity.”

Del Conte says TCU basketball crowd ‘was just a matter of time’ | The Star-Telegram

Last Saturday was an unbelievable experience, but it can’t be a one time affair. The Frogs NEED the Scholly to be rocking tonight for Auburn, too.

“People had a hard time believing if we built it, they would come in basketball,” Del Conte said. “But the people that did invest, they were so happy to see the crowd. It just reaffirms my belief that Horned Frog nation knows that if you build it, if you put a quality product on the field or on the court, people are going to come.”

Pearl again hitting ‘reset button’ on Auburn’s defense | Montgomery Advisor

The Tigers have been bad defensively, which could be just what TCU’s struggling offense needs to get back on track.

“We really focused on a reset, because the points we were giving up were just not going to allow us to win so we kind of started over,” Pearl said. “I wanted to start over. I said, we don’t have any field goal percentage defense, we don’t have any forced turnovers. We had no stats on defense. I don’t want to look back, I want to look forward, starting with LSU and Alabama. And I thought we defended better, but then of course South Carolina was back to a little bit more of the same old, same old.”


Days from Hall voting, LT content with where he is, what he did | The Star-Telegram

The former TCU running back should be a first ballot entrant when votes are cast next week - for his actions on the field and the way he continues to conduct himself off of it. We are proud that he’s part of our #FrogFam for sure.

“I feel like I truly gave it my all,” said Tomlinson, who already is in the College Football Hall of Fame. “I did everything possible to win it, but there are so many things that have to go right. I’m not the type of person to kick myself for the things that didn’t go right in terms of injuries and coaching changes and all the different things that happen to a team.


Like the Chicago Cubs, No. 1 TCU opts to ‘embrace the target’ | The Star-Telegram

This goes against what most coaches and programs preach, who tend to repeat the tired line of ‘we don’t even pay attention to the polls’. Frankly, I love the philosophy shift, especially when you have an alum like Jake Arrietta to look to reinforce it.

“You’ve got two options when those things come along,” coach Jim Schlossnagle said. “You can not talk about it and run away from it, or as the Cubs did this past year, you can embrace it. I think it’s a great statement on the program.”