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Why you’ll never see a Chris Del Conte bobblehead

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Ever wanted a Chris Del Conte bobblehead? Well, sad news...

TCU Accepts Invitation to Join Big East Conference - Press Conference Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Jamie Dixon bobbleheads have been a thing at TCU basketball games. During the season opener, most everybody got one. And it’s the best thing ever. Look how cute it is. Just look at it.

Say, ever wanted a Chris Del Conte bobblehead? Twitter account @chadhurlburt did, so he took it up to the man himself.

Naturally, Del Conte responded.

So it looks like Del Conte would rather save the bobblehead-ing for the coaches. Sorry, folks. No Del Conte bobbleheads are in the works anytime soon.

Oy! Don’t @ him with your complaints about it either, okay friends? :)