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TCU News: Frogs Making Moves on the Recruiting Front

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TCU has several offers out for top targets across the country.


TCU trajectory check: Are the Frogs on the rise heading into 2017 | Sports Day

The Frogs bring back some key pieces, but big losses along the offensive and defensive lines (literally), there is some off-season work to do.

With the loss of sizeable players such as Aaron Curry, James McFarland and Aviante Collins, there are holes that need to be filled. Size will be especially crucial next season when TCU goes against opponents such as Arkansas, Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Finding ways to increase their size is critical.

2016 SportsDay All-Area Offensive Player of the Year: DeSoto QB Shawn Robinson | Sports Day

Robinson, who is expected to enroll at the start of this semester, is as impressive off the field as he is on it.

"He's just got an infectious personality, and it's real," Peterman said. "He came in and picked up everything we asked and studied hard and worked hard. He just fit right in."

2019 RB Swen high on TCU, Alabama | CBS Sports

The Frogs are in good company for a rising running back star.

Though it is still very early in the recruiting process, Swen admits a couple schools stand out.

“I’ve always liked Alabama and TCU. TCU is the hometown school and then Alabama just always wins.”

TCU offers Texas A&M recruit | CBS Sports

The Frogs are looking to add some important pieces along the defensive line in the 2017 class, and are looking towards the East Coast to do so.

Johnson, who committed to the Aggies in late August, is rated as the No. 30 defensive end prospect in the nation. He recorded 11 sacks as a senior and also participated in the Under Armour All-American game last week.


Dixon back into Morgantown with TCU | The Register-Herald

Dixon and Huggy Bear are old rivals, but it’s been Jamie with the upper hand historically. Regardless, as he brings TCU to Morgantown for his first Big 12 road game, his young team will face their harshest environment - because in case you didn’t know, WVU and Pitt fans don’t exactly get along.

“I was with Jamie in the Big East for four or five years,” he said. “(His teams) do a great job defensively. He’s spreading things a little more offensively, but defensively they just do a great job. They do a great job in transition and at really gapping things in the half-court.”

TCU struggling with travel calls but KU caught a recent break | The Star-Telegram

And Kansas fans want to act like the conspiracy theories are just opponents being salty...

“It looked like he took extra steps. There’s no question about that,” Self said during Thursday’s conference call with Big 12 basketball coaches. “I don’t disagree with anyone with a Kansas State perspective that might be upset about that.”