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TCU News: What has changed for Kenny Hill?

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What has changed since the last time Kenny Hill was 5-0? | ESPN

How many different ways are people going to find to write about Kenny Hill, former Johnny Manziel backup?

Following in the footsteps of Heisman Trophy winning-quarterback Johnny Manziel, Hill passed for a school-record 511 yards in his first college start for Texas A&M, a 52-28 win over South Carolina. As the Aggies rolled to five straight wins during that 2014 season, Hill's legend continued to grow.

Kenny Hill is still a college football marvel | The Ringer

Rodger Sherman does a wonderful job with this piece. You need to read it.

But looking at Hill’s career shows the virtue of transferring. He’s grown, which is hypothetically what college and football are supposed to help you do. It might be impossible to put up gaudier stats than he did in his first few games, but Hill is a different person now. He throws fewer interceptions; he has just three this year, after throwing 13 last season. Many around him have said that he’s matured, thanks in part to assistance from a TCU staff that prides itself on setting wayward young quarterbacks on the right path.

K-State’s Delton expected to start against No. 6 TCU | AP

The Wildcats will roll with their backup quarterback against the Frogs. Don’t expect that to make things much easier, though.

Delton gave the offense a different look, running for 79 yards and two touchdowns while earning comparisons to former Kansas State star Ell Roberson. But the question surrounding Delton have concerned his throwing ability, something that might not be exposed in a half but would be over an entire game.

TCU still stopping Big 12 with Coach P’s D | Miami Herald

Headline of the year? Headline of the year.

"I think, No. 1, Gary's a bright defensive coach, he's going define those things that a defense has to do in any given game, and that can vary game to game," said Kansas State coach Bill Snyder, whose Wildcats host sixth-ranked TCU on Saturday. "He gets the very best out of them. He does a nice job of motivating them, and they play extremely hard."

Kansas State presents interesting challenge for Sonny Cumbie, Frogs offense | Dallas Morning News

Does KSU have the best secondary the Frogs will have seen at this point in the season?

This will be an interesting game for offensive coordinator Sonny Cumbie, and he might need to make some adjustments on the fly. Kansas State's defense is tough but also pretty enigmatic. The secondary has been fantastic for most of the year but was torn apart two weeks ago by Baylor of all teams. It's been a inconsistent group. So TCU might have to take whatever K-State gives it in the passing game. And in a way, that's dangerous. The Wildcats could lull quarterback Kenny Hill into making some ill-advised throws by playing conservatively. In a game where turnovers could change the outcome, that wouldn't be good. It's a weird position for TCU's air raid.

Men’s Basketball

Guess what TCU player got snubbed on the Big 12 preseason basketball team | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Kenny Hustle still isn’t getting the love he deserves.

That left no room for Williams, a 6-foot-7 senior who averaged 11.4 points and 9.7 rebounds as a junior and is drawing NBA attention. He ranked 11th in the country in double-doubles a year ago, including in all five games of the NIT Tournament.