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TCU v Kansas to Kick Off at 7:00 PM

The Frogs get a night game at The Carter for the second time this season.

West Virginia v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

TCU and Kansas matchup in week eight Saturday, and this one will be under the lights for Homecoming.

The Frogs are coming off of a 26-6 win in Manhattan against Kansas State, while the Jayhawks were obliterated by Iowa State Saturday. The line this morning was set to even, because of course it was for Kansas, which has played the Frogs as tough as anyone over the last five seasons in Big 12 play.

I am sure this will change.

TCU is 6-0 and will likely be ranked in the Top 4 of the AP. Kansas is 1-5, but brings Doug Meacham to Fort Worth with them this weekend, as the former TCU Offensive Coordinator is now a member of David Beatty’s staff.

Maybe this will be the year it’s not a close game... but we know better.