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MMQB: 7 Hours Later

Even a couple of lightning delays couldn’t stop the TCU train from steaming through Manhattan.

SMU v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Kickoff was supposed to be at 11 am CT, it didn’t start until about 2 pm, and it didn’t end until after 6 pm. Yet, despite mother nature doing us no favors on Saturday the Frogs were still able to take care of business and leave Manhattan with the W.

Let’s jump in shall we?

The Good

Oh yes Lord the defense. OHHHHHH THE DEFENSE WAS AWESOME. I know it was against Kansas State’s second string quarterback who couldn’t really throw the ball, but still. The Frogs didn’t give up a touchdown and in a Big 12 game no less. It’s nice to have a good defense. Let’s look at some stats:

  • Kansas State’s total passing yards: 146
  • Kansas State’s total rushing yards: 70
  • Holy &^$(#)#)@(*&& we held a Big 12 school to 216 yards of offense.

The Frogs went blitzing a ton in this game and it was pretty clear that the pressure in the pocket was too much for Alex Delton to handle. We limited his ability to pass the ball, as noted by his 11 completions on the day, and sucked the life out of their offense by taking the run game away. The Frogs game plan on defense was executed to near perfection. It was... heartwarming. Truly.

Oh yeah Kenny Hill looked great too. He went 27-37 for 297 and a rushing TD. He would’ve had about 30 more passing yards for a TD if Turpin hadn’t dropped a pass that would’ve ended in him off to the races for 6 points. I was really impressed with Kenny on 3rd down in this one. He didn’t seem to be nervous and appeared to be composed almost all of the time. Tip of the cap to the offensive line for keeping Kenny on his feet too, and not on his rear end.

Sewo had a good touchdown day as well. The big bruiser had 2 scores, proving that the wildfrog/Sewo-cat/Frogcat(?) formation works.

The Bad

Honestly I’m just nitpicking here, but there were a couple of bad drops that stalled some drives late in the game. Those catches would have been nice because they would’ve helped us put the game away earlier and in a more convincing fashion, in my opinion. Of course the Frogs just looked good all around in this one so there isn’t too much to criticize.

I hope Darius Anderson has a bounce back game next week. I would like to see Kyle Hicks get more passes thrown to him and see what he does in space (which is what I believe is his best attribute). We need to keep all of our guys fresh, so let’s hope Darius is able to get out of the Dog House by next week’s vaunted match up (no seriously) against Kansas.

Next week: Our closest game of the season

This seems to be the case every year. Kansas plays us close and it turns into a nail biter. I mean I’m always woke to an upset, not that I don’t believe in this coaching staff, but after seeing OU lose to Iowa State at home, and Clemson losing to ‘Cuse... anything is possible. It’ll be a fun homecoming for Doug “Mad Scientist” Meacham. Good God I hope it isn’t a close game next week... It’s gunna be close isn’t it?

Play of the game

Obviously plays were made everywhere and by all, but I think the play of the game has to be the 4th down stop that TCU’s defense made on 4th and 1 when K-State was knocking on the door. I doubt a touchdown here would’ve changed the momentum of the game, but this one truly put the Wildcats in the dirt. Congrats on TCU’s defense making their first appearance of the season in this category.

Oh you didn’t think I’d forget about BayLLLLLLor did you?

Hehehehehe Baylor is 0-6 and it’s great.

- Go Frogs