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TCU News: Meacham concerns Patterson

Here are your morning links!

It’s not Doug Meacham’s insight into TCU offense that worries Gary Patterson | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Patterson is more worried about the other side of the ball.

“He knows a lot about our defense. He’s game-planned against us,” Patterson said.

KU fans are horrified that Jayhawks’ game at TCU will be on national TV | Kansas City Star

This is pretty funny.

Jayhawks fans are not thrilled that Saturday’s game will be on national TV. When The Star’s Jesse Newell tweeted the news of the game being shown on Fox, KU fans responded with a whole bunch of memes that expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision.

Headline illustrates lack of respect for TCU football | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Kevin Sherrington claimed that Oklahoma “kept the Big 12’s CFP hopes alive” by beating Texas, neglecting TCU almost completely in the article.

TCU spent a fortune, fought like hell, won countless games, and climbed from the WAC, to C-USA, to the MWC, to the Big East to land a spot in the Big 12 only to learn it’s still in the Mountain West Conference.

Why TCU is likely to finally blow out Kansas | Fort Worth Star Telegram

This feels like a jinx. But Patterson doesn’t seem to be taking the bait.

“It better be. It only takes one. If you didn’t learn anything Friday night …” Patterson said, referring to several upsets, including No. 2 Clemson losing on Friday. “At any point in time, anybody can beat anybody. You only have to be the best team on that night.”