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Opinion: The Frogs are 6-0 and I couldn’t feel worse about it

There’s a damoclean feeling around this thing.

SMU v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Yes, you read that correctly. You do not need to receive corrective Lasik surgery. As it currently stands I hold the fact that the Frogs are 6-0 and the fact that I don’t feel great about our team in tension. Take heart! This dialectic confounds me as well. I know I should be ecstatic and overjoyed, but I can’t quite shake the feeling that we are being set up for a cataclysmic fall. We have overcome every obstacle we have faced, and unlike every team with exception to seven others, we are undefeated.

Heresy you say?

How can you not feel good about the Frogs’ start? How can you not revel in the victory? How can you not just sit back and enjoy the ride?

I must admit that I find myself in a precarious position. It is a tumultuous line that I walk. It is one that is not well-traveled by many other Frog fans, and for good reason. The tightrope is tenuous and treacherous.

What is it? Could it be that I suffer from “Recency Bias?” Perhaps. The offense last year was less than desirable, and I can’t help but feel that, while improved, we are only shades above where we were.

Maybe I am too tightly wound. This is the position my wife would take. As I sit on my couch each week in complete and utter fear, tightly gripping the pillow as the Frogs finagle their way to another victory, I sometimes wonder myself if I need to take a chill pill, which I think are the yellow and purple ones.

Maybe it’s that my sense divine justice is off. My sense of good fortune is operating under a scarcity. With every bounce that goes our way, I think the football gods will at some point cease to shine down upon us with turnovers. At what point will our luck run out? Many of the football woes suffered last year can be attributed to the lack of breaks that went our way. Is the difference this year simply that the breaks have been going our way?

I think better yet, the real reason I feel this way is that I am damoclean in nature.

I submit you the sword of Damocles.

If you are unfamiliar with the anecdote, it is said that Damocles was near the king and mused at good favor and fortune, exclaiming how lucky he was to be in such a position of power. The king offered to switch with Damocles so that he could understand and taste the fortune first hand. Damocles was allowed to sit at the throne and enjoy the luxuries of the king with one stipulation; as Damocles would sit, there would be a sword hanging above his head that would be held up by a single horsehair. After being in this dubious position, Damocles begged the king to switch back to their original positions.

Now what does the sword of Damocles have to do with me?

Probably nothing.

The moral of the anecdote is to demonstrate the incessant fear and impending danger that looms over one’s head when they are in a position of power, authority or fortune. In essence, with great power comes great responsibility.

I think I am completely justified in my position. I think it is right to be intrepidacious about our current position. I do not think that we are one of the four best teams in the country.

But here is the good news, if there is any to be had in this article:

The team doesn’t think so either. In an interview with Carlos Mendez, Kenny Hill noted that this team hasn’t even begun to tap into their full potential. The ceiling on the team is higher than we think, meaning there is definitely room for more improvement. If what we currently are seeing isn’t near the high-octane level the team believes they can attain, that is an encouraging note.

I guess what I am saying is that there is still a long way for the Frogs to go, and I am still hesitant to make any definitive statements regarding the status of our team.

I am not sure where we go from here, but I do know that I will keep my eyes up as we keep climbing.