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Dear AP Voters, If You Don't Have TCU Ranked in the Top 4, Go Step on a Lego

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While I was persuing my Twitter Timeline early this week, I came across a tweet from Joel Klatt with his Top 5 Picks. Nowadays every single person who seems to watch 5 minutes of college football HAS to announce to the world every week their Top 5 Picks. I don’t know why this tradition has started, but I digress.

Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinions about who they think should be in the Top 5 or Top 25, or the ‘just trying not to get last place poll’ (Obligatory Baylor Joke here). But when I saw Klatt’s tweet I was instantly torn between the disrespect for TCU and wanting TCU to remain the ‘underdog’. TCU has made it no secret that they would prefer to be looked over. And I adore the mentality of, “Don’t worry about us, we’ll keep working,” that has become the Frogs’ tune this season.

But this isn’t that kind of article.

My Frogs, I love you but it’s time to give yourself a teensy bit of credit.

And maybe I’m old fashioned, maybe I’m old school. But if your team LOSES you shouldn’t be ranked ahead of quality (key word here) undefeated teams (Especially if the team you lost to then lost to Iowa State- no offense Cyclones). So WHY IN THE WORLD IS OHIO STATE RANKED AHEAD OF US, KLATT?

My infuriation at Klatt sparked a conversation at Frogs O War, which led to me reading the entire ballot for this week’s rankings. Yes, I really don’t have anything better to do.

(Have fun zooming in on that)

If the AP voter ranked Alabama, Georgia, or Penn State ahead of TCU, or at least had TCU in the Top 4 I gave them a pass. Anyone else can go step on a Lego. (And if you haven’t heard that phrase before, think of it as a PG version of another phrase. And if you’re still confused then go try stepping on one)

With that being said, here are the AP voters that I have beef with and why:

Matt Charboneau - affiliation: Michigan State

TCU rank: 5th

Team ranked ahead: Ohio State

Classic Big 10 bias in putting Ohio State ahead of us. Next.

Chris Murray- affiliation: Nevada

TCU rank: 5th

Team ranked ahead: Wisconsin

I’m really trying to see where you’re coming from Chris but I just can’t. Not when Wisconsin hasn’t played a ranked opponent YET. Northwestern put up 24 points on Wisconsin AND they squeaked one out past Purdue 17-9. I just don’t see your logic. Next.

Steve Batterson- affiliation: Iowa

TCU rank: 5th

Team ranked ahead: Wisconsin

Weird. ANOTHER Big 10 affiliated voter putting a Big 10 team, ahead of TCU. Next.

Andy Greder- affiliation: Minnesota

TCU rank: 5th

Team ranked ahead of TCU: Ohio State

Listen Andy, did you not get the memo? TCU and Minnesota are supposed to be tight. Remember? Coach Wacker? Home and Home games? General friendliness from GP and the Frog Nation? What’s that? Big 10 bias? Ahh... Next.

Jeff Miller- affiliation: South Carolina

TCU rank: 6th

Teams ranked ahead: Wisconsin (3rd), Ohio State (5th)

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. I don’t understand. You’re an SEC guy. What possible grudge, reasoning, or bias could you have for ranking TCU 6th?! Are you upset that South Carolina is the most overlooked team in the SEC East? (Which is saying something because it’s the SEC East, and pretty much everyone except Georgia and Florida get overlooked). I would love to know your reasoning for this ranking. Next.

Jerry DiPaola- affiliation: Pittsburgh

TCU rank: 5th

Team ranked ahead: Clemson

So let me get this straight... the ACC affiliated voter.... ranked an ACC school.... ahead of TCU..... MmmmmKay. Next.

Rob Long- affiliation: Maryland

TCU rank: 5th

Team ranked ahead: Wisconsin

Do I even need to explain this one? I do? Maryland is in the Big 10 Conference (apparently, because no one cares to remember unless you’re Texas of course) I’ll change my tune for you Rob, just because your Terrapins beat the Longhorns, and it was hilarious. But you’re still biased and wrong. Next.

Rick Wright- affiliation: Nevada

TCU rank: wait for it....8th.

Teams ranked ahead: Wisconsin (3rd), Ohio State (4th), Georgia (5th), Miami (6th), Clemson (7th)

And the award for trying to stay relevant/blatantly picking outrageously for attention goes to you Rick. I’m going to put the same amount of effort into my rebuttal as you did thinking about your votes: ...... Next.

Ed Daigneault- affiliation: UCONN

TCU rank: 6th

Teams ranked ahead: Ohio State (3rd), Wisconsin (5th)

I’m betting Ed is on the “Ohio State just had one bad game train”, but how could he be if he doesn’t have Clemson ranked higher as well. I don’t know where your heavy Big 10 leanings came from Ed. And don’t worry Basketball season is right around the corner.

Bob Assmusen- affiliation: Illinois

TCU rank: 6th

Teams ranked head: Wisconsin (4th), Ohio State (5th)

Big 10 Bias. Next.

Parrish Alford- affiliation: Ole Miss

TCU rank: 6th

Teams ranked ahead: Wisconsin (4th), Ohio State (5th)

I honestly don’t know what your deal is Parrish. Maybe you have friends in the Big 10, maybe you’re just a TCU doubter. Maybe you’re just upset about TCU embarrassing Ole Miss in the Peach bowl a few years back? Who knows? Next.

Michael Lev- affiliation: Arizona

TCU rank: 5th

Teams ranked ahead: Ohio State (4th)

Michael are you just hopping on the Ohio State Bandwagon because you’ve given up on your own team? Because that’s where I’m leaning. I get where you’re going with the Ohio State thing, but I’m also not. Next.

Johnny Miller- affiliation: Boston College

TCU rank: 8th

Teams ranked ahead: Wisconsin (2nd), Ohio State (5th), Oklahoma (6th), Miami (7th)

I don’t know what you could possibly have against TCU. Putting Oklahoma ahead of TCU after they lost to Iowa State is possibly one of the most disrespectful votes I’ve seen on this ballot. Only second to putting Ohio State AHEAD of Oklahoma, and both teams AHEAD of TCU. I don’t know where your thought process is, I don’t know how you're allowed to vote. Next.

Soren Petro- affiliation: Kansas, Syracuse

TCU rank: 5th

Team ranked ahead: Ohio State (4th)

Soren, see Ed’s reasoning. Basketball season will be here before you know it. (But also serious question, who do you root for during the Tournament?) Next.

Sammy Batten- affiliation: North Carolina

TCU rank: 5th

Team ranked ahead: Wisconsin

See my quality win specification. And then keep repeating it to yourself until you realize that you’re wrong. Next.

Sam McKweon- affiliation: Nebraska

TCU rank: 5th

Team ranked ahead: Wisconsin (4th)

Listen, Sam, I know we all want the team who beat ‘our’ team to go on and be undefeated because it makes our team look better. But in order for that to happen you would need: Oregon, Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio State to be undefeated. Call me when you clinch a bowl game.

Pat Caputo- affiliation: Michigan State, Michigan

TCU rank: 5th

Team ranked ahead: Ohio State (4th)

What I want to know is how you’re affiliated with both Michigan and Michigan State? Is that even allowed? And how much did it hurt you to put Ohio State ahead of us? This should have been an easy vote if you really were affiliated with Michigan, but alas Big 10 bias wins out even over the most bitter of rivalries.

Ross Dellenger- affiliation: LSU

TCU rank: 7th

Teams ahead: Wisconsin (4th), Oklahoma (5th), Ohio State (6th)

As much as I commend you for having Oklahoma ahead of Ohio State, I’m still iffy on you not having TCU in the Top 4. With all the reasoning's above, and you supposedly not being affiliated with the Big 10, I’m leaning maybe a big school bias? Not sorry we don’t let just anyone into TCU. Had a blast eliminating LSU from Omaha in 2015, but at least we have a common enemy in Florida where baseball is concerned.

In summary: For the most part, most AP voters are biased, we know that, we’re human. But sometimes you need to take a step back and realize that just because it benefits your school or conference doesn’t mean it’s the correct decision. For those without affiliations, but instead big school bias it’s high time you stop underestimating ‘little’ schools. Hello Troy and Northern Illinois. What I don’t deem fair is when a ‘bigger school’ or a ‘historically good’ school loses and receives second chances over undefeated quality teams. If TCU (knock on wood) were to lose to a quality opponent they would not receive the same treatment Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Clemson are getting. And it’s time for that bias to end. A team should be judged on this season and this season only.

As for the Frogs, I know they revel in being overlooked, and I don’t hate them for it. I agree that the Frogs tend to play better with a chip on their shoulder, and so long as it works lets go for it.


Now if you read this far and are absolutely outraged, offended, flabbergasted, astonished, or dumbfounded with my reasoning in this article please note: My opinions are my own, but always in good jest. I respect the AP voters knowledge of the game of football, that’s why they were chosen as voters. If my humor offends you, too bad, it’s an opinion. The point of this article was to point out correlations in AP voters and biases. But go ahead and blow up the comments and/or my social media, you're only giving me more publicity.