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Kansas Jayhawks @ TCU Horned Frogs Gamethread

TCU hits primetime television to add another chapter to the intensely frustrating Jayhawk series.

A win over the Frogs has always been just out of reach for KU
A win over the Frogs has always been just out of reach for KU
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

I honestly don't know that I've ever seen a game be so dreaded by fans of both sides than this one this week. Kansas fans lamented the prime time slot as they don't want the nation to see their team be eviscerated. TCU fans on the other hand lamented the prime time slot because it's Kansas, and the games we've had with the Jayhawks have been incredibly weird. From the 2012 game where the Frogs fumbled inside the KU red zone three times (and Waymon James had his knee destroyed, ruining the ground game) to the parade of backup quarterback oddities that made up the next games and the "Oh god we're actually going to lose to Kansas for real, this isn't a drill, I hate everything but especially Doug Meacham, wait hooray I guess!" game last year, Kansas has played TCU consistently tougher than they have any other team in the conference... and nobody is really sure how or why.

Be prepared for chaos, be prepared for Shawn Robinson to play after Kenny Hill comes down with appendicitis, be prepared for playcalling that makes zero sense and be prepared for it to come down to the wire. It's Kansas, it's what they do.

This is your game thread for live chat, analysis, reaction and all that good stuff. Let's get through it and hopefully come out with a win one way or another, like every other KU game.

Go Frogs.