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MMQB: Oh Goodness Yes

The Frogs shellacked the Jayhawks at home under the bright lights.

Kansas v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

What. A. Historic. Game.

I had no idea I was saving this one, but here goes: I have been alive for more YEARS than Kansas had YARDS.

*Moment of silence for the artist formerly known as Doug Meacham*

I do feel for the guy, but I’ve seen enough double reverses on 2nd and 10 and fade routes to 5’8 receivers to help make that feeling go away. Better luck next time Doug!

Oh ya and Baylor is 0-7 aaaaaaaaaand unless some serious weirdness happens, will not make it to a bowl game!

Now on to the real good part:

The Good:

Everything. All 3 phases of the game came up big in this one. Was it Kansas? Yes. Does it still help the rhythm and confidence of the team when they just annihilate a team like that? Absolutely. This was the first time since the 2014 Peach Bowl that from the first snap, I knew that we were about to dominate the other team. It’s funny that I’m saying this about TCU playing Kansas, when we are supposed to beat Kansas, but you know the KU curse has been real for the past 3 years...or at least very close to being real.

Let’s start with the historic defensive showing shall we? The Horned Frog defense came out motivated and held the Jayhawks to 21 TOTAL ONE YARDS OF OFFENSE. If you haven’t yet, go check out the box-score for this one. It’s absolutely hilarious.

So the TCU defense allowed 46 passing yards and negative 25 rushing yards.


This had to have made Patterson crack a smile right?

Well Travin Howard balled out, recording five tackles, four of them solo, one sack, and one tackle for loss. Bless up Travin. The Frogs finished the night with 11 total tackles for loss and four sacks. Chris Bradley and Ben “Ostrich Eggs” Banogu combined for half sacks each, because #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork. Ross Blacklock and Matt Boesen recorded sacks of their own. Maybe this entire defense has ostrich eggs eh?

Ladies and Gents, it appears that Kenny’s got his confidence back. Did he ever not have it this season? I doubt it, because he’s been way smarter with the ball through 7 games than he was all of last year. He’s playing maybe...the best football of his career right now (knock on wood in hopes that the best is yet to come). Hill finished the day with 278 yards passing on 19/26 (whoop whoop completion percentage) with 5 tuddies to show for it. Hill showed He dropped a dime into the hands of Diarse twice in this one. Speaking of Diarse, that man had himself a day. Number 9 caught four passes for 130 yards and a touchdown. He made another highlight play this week by breaking off a defender draped around his ankles and breaking off for six points.

Not to be forgotten though, Jalen Reagor had 3 receptions for 43 yards, 2 of them for touchdowns...and just when I thought I couldn’t be more excited to watch him play.

Oh ya KaVontae Turpin made a 90 yard house call in this one too. With the Frogs up 37-0 with a little over 6 minutes to go in the 3rd, just when you thought KU was getting some momentum back on their side (lol), Turpin bounced around and next thing you know was zooming down the field for a touchdown.

Offense balled out, the defense locked down, and the special teams unit made plays of their own. It truly was a complete game played by TCU.

The Bad:

Nothing. I mean we technically had 3 fumbles and lost none of them. I harped on this a last week against KSU, but if we really do want to make sure we make it into the playoffs or a NY6 bowl then we need to make sure we are protecting the ball. Again, the Frogs aren’t giving me much to complain about so I’m doing the best I can with what the team gives me...but I’m totally fine with this.

Next week onto RANKED Iowa State

I think I was a year early on my Matt Campbell Kool-Aid trip, but this year it seems to that ISU has proven that they cannot be slept on. After upsetting OU in Norman and dismantling the Red Raiders in Lubbock, the Fightin’ Cyclones host the Frogs next week. I’m nervous, as I am for all TCU games, but you know the Frogs won’t be sleeping now...and neither should the rest of the country. It’s a top 25 match up in Ames and let’s hope the Frogs ball out there too.

Play of the Week

Ah which one to choose, which one to choose. I don’t know if I’ve given KaVontae a shout out in this category yet, but I think he absolutely deserves it this week. He had a crazy run where he spun out of like 5 tackles and then flipped for extra yards...but we all know it has to be the punt return for a touchdown. Gaze on this master class work of art:

Frogs are 7-0 and today is a good day.

-Frogs on top!