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TCU-Texas game time announced: Frogs will play the Longhorns at 6:15pm on ESPN

The Frogs have another big stage, and another chance to impress the country on November 4th.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Texas Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

The game time for TCU’s home game against Texas on November 4th has been announced, and fans should get excited.

A night game (if 6:15 pm can be considered night time), on ESPN, at The Carter, against Texas. There’s literally no reason not to show up, so it should be a rocking good time on campus all day, and that evening.

TCU currently has a three-game winning streak over Texas, outscoring the Longhorns 129-26 over that time span. Of course, the Horns are in the first year of the Tom Herman era, and while Texas is sitting at just 3-4 currently, their defense looks impressive, and their youth on offense has talent (even if they haven’t quite put it together yet).

But, for now, let’s just be happy with the game time and not get too in the weeds with this game. After all, TCU has to travel to Ames this weekend to take on No. 25 Iowa State. Getting out of that game 8-0 is the only priority right now.