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TCU News: Les Miles has TCU in the College Football Playoff

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Les Miles: As of today, I’d have TCU in the College Football Playoff | Dallas Morning News

Les called TCU’s game against Kansas last weekend, and he joined the DMN podcast crew to chat about the Frogs. Barry Horn asked a great question about TCU’s brand vs. other schools in the Big 12, and Miles had a good answer.

Horn: If TCU was called, if the same team was called 'The University of Texas' or if the TCU team was 'The University of Oklahoma' would they be more highly thought of? I'm sure there are parts of the country now where people go TCU, 'What is TCU?' It just doesn't have the brand name.

Miles: I think the Brand is growing, and I think Gary Patterson is helping that brand grow. I think the victories that take place on Saturdays is a way for what was a Texas school to become and have a presence in the college landscape. But you're correct that OU, Texas, LSU for that matter, there's just a close your eyes and think of the great games and they have a presence. I think TCU is getting there.

How surging Iowa State could help boost TCU in playoff ranking | Fort Worth Star Telegram

I’d rather wait to talk about how Iowa State can help TCU until after the Frogs have played the Cyclones. Gary Patterson agrees.

“Maybe I’ll think about that on Sunday but it won’t make any difference if we don’t win,” Patterson said. “We need to make sure we take care of our business.”

Let’s all stop sleeping on TCU, alright? | CBS Sports

He’s got TCU ranked third in his Top 50.

There were some minor changes in the Fornelli 50 this week, but nothing extraordinary. We did see a bit of a shuffle in the top five as UCF fell to No. 6 after a narrow win against Navy, while Wisconsin jumped to No. 5 after a 25-point win over Maryland and TCU moved into the top three.

Men’s Basketball

Jamie Dixon reacts to TCU’s high ranking in Big 12 poll | Dallas Morning News

Big nugget about Jaylen Fisher in this article. He should be ready for the start of the regular season.

Dixon said sophomore Jaylen Fisher (torn left meniscus) is close to starting 5-on-5 workouts and should be ready for the start of the regular season.

The other TCU coach who ‘got them ready’ for basketball turnaround | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Solid shoutout to Trent Johnson here, who did more for the program than most give him credit for.

TCU coach Jamie Dixon said former coach Trent Johnson “left us good players, coached them hard and got them ready” for the Horned Frogs’ turnaround season last year.