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State of Texas Power Rankings: Week Five

Oh no, we have made people #MadOnline.

NCAA Football: Texas-San Antonio at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

So, apparently, last week’s power rankings made it to Reddit, and needless to say, people were #MadOnline. I don’t do much reddit-ing (I have a job, that I would like to keep, so I try not to go down wormholes on the internet), but I greatly enjoyed the comments when the article was posted. I got called a homer (hello, it’s a TCU blog), saw people trying to argue that Baylor was better than UTSA (we all know head-to-head doesn’t matter when it comes to Baylor), and people trying to talk themselves into Texas A&M being a functional football program (hahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha).


So, to appease the people, I am breaking away from our normal power rankings this week, and giving you a bracket-style ranking for week five. We may revisit this later in the season as well.


We are basing the seeding off of the week four Power Rankings, because it’s a good arbitrary place to begin, and re-ranking them this week would defeat the purpose of having them ‘play’.

  1. TCU (4-0): Yeah, it’s a TCU blog. Yeah I am a TCU fan. And? Frogs are still the clear #1.
  2. Texas Tech (3-1): Tech gave an Oklahoma State team with a massive chip on their shoulder all they could handle. Plus, they hold the head-to-head over the Cougs.
  3. Houston (3-1): The Cougars, meanwhile, barely escaped Temple Saturday, setting up a very intriguing showdown against SMU next week.
  4. UTSA (3-0): The Roadrunners just keep winning. I like winners. Also, they are legitimately good. Dalton Strum and the offense are a machine, and the defense has shut down opponents to the tune of allowing just over 200 yards per game - total. I know the schedule isn’t super impressive, but I think the Roadrunners can play with just about anyone in the country.
  5. Texas A&M (4-1): Somehow, the Aggies just keep winning too, which is amazing when you consider the all-time fart they laid in LA to open the season. What is less amazing is their schedule. But hey, all you can do is win the games you play, and they have done that four times. But Bama is next.
  6. SMU (4-1): We will know a lot more about Chad Morris’ squad this weekend when they take on Houston, but for now, they are all but assured of being bowl eligible.
  7. Texas (2-2): I don’t know what happened in Ames. Texas defense = good. Texas offense = hide yo children.
  8. UNT (3-2): Oh, hello, Jaylen Guyton. The Mean Green has found themselves a star on offense, as the wide receiver went off for over 200 yards against Southern Mississippi. Running back Jeffrey Wilson had a big day as well (148 yards, 3 touchdowns), and that kind of balance is the winning formula for North Texas.
  9. Rice (1-4): Housed by Pitt, who was housed by Oklahoma State, who was mostly housed by TCU. You’re not very good, Rice.
  10. Texas State (1-4): At least the Bobcats have a win, something the two teams below them can’t say.
  11. Baylor (0-5): Showed a little fight against Oklahoma and Kansas State, but let’s face it - the Bears are several years from competing (no matter how much Matt Mosely tries to convince us otherwise) because they just don’t have the depth to consistently win in the Big 12. They have some nice young players, sure, and they’ll find a win somewhere, but it’s going to be a long year and a lot of sleepless nights for Matt Rhule. And not just because he has to wake up in Waco daily.
  12. UTEP (0-5): Their coach quit Monday. That’s not good.

On to the bracket!

Round One:

TCU vs UTEP: Frogs win in a run away, 56-13.

Texas Tech vs Baylor: Give me the Red Raiders in a closer than anticipated game, but still an easy Tech win, 55-41.

Houston vs Texas State: Houston puts the Bobcats away early and has the backups in by late in the third quarter as they cruise to a 63-7 victory.

UTSA vs Rice: This game actually happens a few weeks from now, and will probably be close to my prediction of a 45-12 Roadrunner win.

Texas A&M vs UNT: The Mean Green can definitely put points on the board against this Aggie defense, but TAMU rides the legs of its powerful running game and Kellen Mond on their way to a 45-31 victory.

SMU vs Texas: Most intriguing game in round one - I am tempted to take the Mustangs here, but the Longhorn secondary might be one of the best in the country and I don’t think Ben Hicks is accurate enough to punish them. UT wins a tight one, 28-24, on the strength of at least one defensive score.

Round Two:

TCU vs Texas: We know how this story ends. We have seen it too many times before. Give me the Frogs, 40-17.

Texas Tech vs Texas A&M: Hoo boy, this would be a fun one. Though I am not the biggest Nik Shimonek believer on the block, but he showed me something with a few of those throws against Oklahoma State Saturday night. Plus, that Texas Tech defense is pretty decent. I think they slow down the Aggie run game just enough and force Mond to make plays with his arm - something he hasn’t done consistently (yet), allowing their offense to win the game. Red Raiders take it 51-49.

Houston vs UTSA: It’s the redo of a game that was supposed to take place opening weekend, but was cancelled due to Harvey. I really like this UTSA team - they are tough, they’re smart, and they’re a veteran group. They have a great QB in Dalton Strum and one of the top defenses statistically in the country. In our first big upset, UTSA knocks off the Cougs.

Round Three:

TCU: Bye

Texas Tech vs UTSA: Did you ever imagine this is where we would end up? This is actually a tough one to call, and I really believe it could go either way. Frank Wilson has the Roadrunners humming along on both sides of the ball, and it’s probably going to mean this is his last season in San Antonio. Justin Stockton will provide problems, but I think Strum outduels Shimonek, and the UTSA stable of running backs are just slightly better overall than Tech’s. I am leaking confidence as I type this... but... give me UTSA for a stunning berth in the Texas Championship Game.

Texas State Championship Game:

TCU vs UTSA: Cinderella’s Story Book season ends here, as TCU dismantles the Roadrunners on their way to being crowned the Texas State Champions, taking the crown from last year’s winner, the Kansas State Wildcats. The Frogs ride Darius Anderson and Kyle Hicks to a 250 yard rushing day, and Kenny Hill game manages his way to a 42-31 win. At me.

Do you have opinions? Want to tell me how wrong I am? Need to remind me that it’s NOT WESTERN VIRGINIA? Hit up the comments and let’s hear all we did wrong. And hey, it’s subject to change. Maybe A&M will be Ba——- hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahaha.