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TCU #8 In Initial CFP Rankings

The committee looked more favorably upon the Frogs than either poll.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The timing of the first College Football Playoff Rankings is unfortunate for the Horned Frogs, as it comes the week of their first loss after starting 7-0 on the season. Just three days after the Horned Frogs fell to #15 Iowa State in Ames, they came in at #8 in the first release Tuesday night.

Despite being tenth in the AP and 12th in the Coaches Poll Sunday, the Horned Frogs were looked upon favorably by the committee, placing firmly inside the top ten, the second highest Big 12 team in the rankings. The top honors in the conference belongs to Oklahoma, who falls just outside the top four at number five, maintaining a one spot advantage over the Ohio State team they beat earlier this year. Oklahoma State maintains their hold at #11, and as previously mentioned the Cyclone close out Big 12 teams at 15.

Georgia took the top spot in the first release, edging out #2 Alabama for #1 - not that it matters as the two are on track to face off in the SEC Championship. Notre Dame, the biggest threat to the Big 12 and Pac 12’s playoff hopes is third, while one loss Clemson edges the Sooners for fourth. Ohio State at sixth, Penn State at seventh, Wisconsin at ninth, and Miami at tenth round out the top ten. The final two teams are both undefeated, but have terrible resumes to this point, with little chance to improve them until late in the regular season. Badgers fans will certainly be up in arms over their team being behind six one-loss teams. In two of the last three years, the team starting at the top made the post-season.

Here are the full rankings:

As we all know, rankings in October mean very little. But for TCU, coming in slightly ahead of expected keeps their playoff hopes alive and their season-long goals in play.

Eyes up, keep climbing.