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He Said, She Said: Bring on College GameDay

JT and Melissa talk the impact of College GameDay coming to town.

Melissa Triebwasser


Melissa and JT will be talking all things GameDay. We will look at what we think the best sign will be, to who Corso will pick and everything in between.


Do you remember where you were the last time gameday was at TCU?

Melissa: I was still in California, so unfortunately I missed out on the GameDay experience. That being said, I watched in that morning and was so proud of how TCU represented itself on the BIG STAGE for the show as well as the actual game. It was a revelation, a sign that we really had ‘arrived’ so to speak, but the best was still to come.

JT: I remember it like it was yesterday. Well.. not really, I remember it like it was 8 years ago. It was my freshman year at TCU. Candidly I must admit that at the time I wasn’t super into college football, so I couldn’t quite understand why the campus was so excited the week leading up to the GameDay setting. It was only until I experienced it for myself that I truly understood what all the fuss was about. The campus atmosphere was electric. There was some intangible fragrance in the air that was enchanting to me. To have everyone on campus in the commons as they filmed GameDay was incredible. (Except for one fraternity that shall remain nameless for making their sign their fraternity flag -- DON’T BE THOSE GUYS)

How do you think the crowd will be for GameDay?

Melissa: I think the TCU students will show up and show out - the commons should be packed, and I am sure people will camp out and everything. I hope there are plenty of great signs and lots of spirit, helping us look great on the national stage.

JT: I think it will be crowded as well. If it isn’t crowded then that’s super dumpy. College GameDay is an amazing experience. I would encourage everyone, even if you’re not a Frog fan (which if this is the case, wyd here) to attend and check out the scene. It will be worth it, trust me, a person that you have never met.

Who do you think will pick the frogs? What headgear does Corso go with in the end?

Melissa: I think it will be a clean sweep for TCU, with Super Frogs’ head being chosen (hopefully facing the right way). Now that Kirk is on board, the only potential detractor is Desmond - who might pick the Eers just to be difficult.

JT: Frogs across the board, with exception and honorable mention that it is possible that Des picks the Western Virginia Mountaineers just to create some discrepancy. Corso will pick the frogs, and even with the knowledge that he will pick them, I will lose my mind when he does.

What do you think the best sign will be on Saturday morning?

Melissa: I can’t wait to see all the #WesternVirginia signs across campus. There have been some good ones shared through twitter and our FOW Slack, so I am sure the people will produce. Hopefully, plenty of references to Country Roads being about western Virginia, not West Virginia, and the fact that John Denver graduated from a Fort Worth high school.

JT: I thought Netflix and Hill (credit jamboogie) was pretty clever. There is the classic John Denver genre of signs that will be solid. But I am hoping that someone will come up with something that will rock me to my core. I am calling all Frogs to put their creative mind together and create a sign that is truly great.

Any thoughts on who the guest picker will be?

Melissa: Can it be anyone but LT? I can’t find who did it in 2009 - or if there even was one - so I am assuming LaDainian Tomlinson will get the call Saturday. Other options could be Bob Schieffer, Dan Jenkins, or Matt Carpenter.

JT: Up until I read Mel’s response I was almost certain that it would be LT, though I was secretly hoping that our fearless FOW leader would have been able to finagle his way into the spot somehow. I also really like the idea of having Matt Carpenter pick as well.

What does having GameDay on campus do for TCU?

Melissa: You can’t buy that kind of publicity or good will. It’s a huge stage for TCU to show off, and giving a national audience a view of a stunning campus is never a bad thing. It’s also great for recruiting and to put the program on a platform. There’s really no downside.

JT: It’s a game changer (GET IT?) to have the GameDay guys on campus. It brings national attention to your program and forces the talking heads to discuss your team for a length of time. It is sometimes said that national media eschews discussing TCU in the national limelight because it will not produce the ratings they desire. The beauty of the program is that much to the chagrin of some national media, they will talk about the frogs at length. It’s a beautiful thing. Almost as beautiful as a Froggie W.