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TCU News: Frogs have staying power? TCU’s revenge tour could solidify their case

Oklahoma State. West Virginia. Kansas State. Time to pay them back?


What TCU’s Gary Patterson noticed about this three-game stretch | The Star-Telegram

TCU is on a revenge tour.

TCU is in the middle of a three-game stretch against three teams it lost to last year by a combined score of 95-22.

Think Gary Patterson doesn’t know?

“Somebody said, ‘Don’t overlook.’ Are you kidding me?” the TCU football coach said Tuesday. “You look at the three teams in a row. We had two weeks ago, Oklahoma State. Then West Virginia and Kansas State. All of them got after us last year.”

Big 12 football: TCU's guru gets national spotlight | Weatherford Democrat

The matchup between Patterson’s D and Holgo’s O will be fun to watch Saturday. A couple of masters.

Small has been in the system three years. So at this point, he said, there are times he and teammates will watch other defenses on television and see players make ill-advised plays and think, “Coach P would be mad if he saw us do that.” But he acknowledged that learning Patterson’s defense is a daunting undertaking for any player new to the system.

Small likened it to advancing straight from geometry to calculus because “there’s a lot of moving parts to the defense. You have to play with your mind more. It’s 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical in this defense.”

Patterson said it isn’t all that complicated. He teaches a base defense and then a specific game plan. In a game, if the opposing offense runs 60 plays in a game, he said, he’d want his defense to be superior on at least 30 of them.

That will be the challenge Saturday. Offensive-minded Holgorsen and his new play caller will be pitted against Patterson’s opportunistic defense. Consider it advanced chess.

GameDay Kickoff: Who has staying power in CFP race? | ESPN

TCU will likely have just two more chances to affirm that they are the real deal on the national stage... tomorrow’s matchup with a ranked WVU and the OU game in November.

Why it matters: Because TCU doesn't want to be a flavor of the week. In order to have CFP staying power, the Horned Frogs have to build upon their road win at Oklahoma State. TCU hasn't gotten much credit nationally for its 4-0 start, but this is another chance against a ranked opponent to prove that September success was the start of something bigger.

Number to know: 17-0. TCU has never lost at home while it's been ranked in the AP top 10 under coach Gary Patterson.

GameDay at TCU, another reason why college beats the NFL | The Star-Telegram


Much like Dick Vitale is a reason why ESPN’s branding with college basketball thrived, Corso is of equal if not greater stature with this show and college football.

He makes it go, and whenever he decides to leave it won’t be the same.

“It’s something I really don’t think about,” Davis said. “Here is the best way I can answer it: my favorite call of the off-season was when Coach called me to say he had just signed a new contract. We savor it because we savor every college football Saturday. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. So worrying about something like that ... I mean, he’s still killing them. I’m just grateful to recognize the place he is in the sport.”

College football has, and will always have, its problems. How it looks and functions today may be altered dramatically when the next round of conference TV contracts expire and realignment is shoved upon us.