What if we get the "glass ceiling" treatment again?

I know I will sound like the biggest TCU homer ever and I'm ok with that. Afterall, if you don't stand up for yourself...who will?

And that's exactly what I would like to see happen should our Frogs get screwed out of a playoff spot this year by whatever bogus committee excuse they want to throw out there. Of course, our Frogs have to do their part and win to put themselves in position to be considered for a spot in the playoffs. I mean, we aren't Ohio State who can get gifted playoff spots because of our name alone. But if we get shafted again after a conference championship season, I want Patterson and the AD to unload on the system in place in the ensuing media interviews. We have taken the high road before and only get the "nice guys finish last" feel out of it. Saban, Harbaugh, Petersen, Meyer, etc. go to bat for their team and cry bloody murder for the world to hear for a lot less than getting left out of the playoffs.

I love the Rose Bowl win, but that year we should have been in the National Championship game. We got the glass ceiling treatment then, when under the BCS system, we were among the top 5 teams but not allowed to move up while Auburn rocketed past us from out of nowhere to claim a spot in the title game against Oregon. I know our Frogs would have had a nice showing for themselves, if not beat the Ducks or Tigers, had they been given the same chance.

2014. You know how that went down. I still don't know how we can end that season #3 at the end of the last game only to be slid down to #6 when the committee made their playoff selections unless there was a blatant, intentional attempt to keep us out of the playoffs. Another glass ceiling.

And just for kicks, remember the Fiesta Bowl against Boise State? How convenient was that back then that "the big boys" got to avoid playing us or Boise because we both qualified for a BCS bowl so they pitted us against each other despite the fact we had just faced each other the previous year in the Poinsettia Bowl...sound like another glass ceiling?

My point is, enough is enough. We have been good sports. We have taken the high road. I hope it does not happen again, but if we have another championship caliber season and get left out of competing for it, I fully support Patterson and our AD insisting on full disclosure of the reasons why and who voted for which teams.

Winning the Big 12 this year should merit a spot in the playoffs, no excuses should be accepted for giving us the glass ceiling anymore.

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