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TCU punter Adam Nunez named Big 12 Special Teams Player of the Week

Adam was the first half MVP for TCU, and he even got a shout out from a punting legend.

Punters often only get noticed if they do something terribly wrong. We all remember this guy, right?

But on Monday, TCU punter Adam Nunez was tabbed as the Big 12 Special Teams Player of the Week, and it was well deserved.

Yes, you read that tweet correctly. Nunez pinned West Virginia inside their own six yardline FOUR times. That’s absolutely insane, and he did it at a time when TCU’s offense was struggling and the field position battle was critical.

Nunez also handled a shaky snap at one point, and still managed to boot it perfectly. He straight up earned the honor this week, so major props to him.

He also got a shoutout from former NFL punter and West Virginia alum Pat McAfee.

So, congratulations, Adam, and keep punting the heck out of that ball (although, honestly, I hope it’s only once or twice a game from here on out).